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Simbin – RaceRoom Racing Experience Q&A Part 1

Simbin have released a new, interesting Question an Answer article for their upcoming title RaceRoom Racing experience which is set to be a new revolutionary free to play based title.

During the Q&A session with Diego Satori of Simbin various questions are asked which reveal some important details about the title such as how the hardcore sim racer can expect from the game, what changes in the driving experience we can expect and various other questions we can expect in part 2 of the Q&A.

What changes in the driving experience can we expect?

For the most part, the changes we have made will come across as subtle, small refinements where needed but also with the aim to keep the SimBin DNA intact.

For now we have announced the availability of two difficulty levels and matching driving models, Amateur and Get Real™

The Amateur driving model is designed to cater for casual gamers and seasoned racing gamers alike and this is done through the careful use of two driving aids, ABS and traction control, nothing more.

At our booth at this year’s GamesCom, we had visitors performing 1 minute 29 sec laps around our track, coming out of the simulator stating that they would have wanted less driving aids, and some have come out saying that it was spot on, at GamesCom we only used the Amateur driving model.

Fact is that the current delta time with that car on that track is 1 minute 22 seconds, the challenge factor and difficulty level changes a lot over a span of 7 seconds per lap and that is worth having in mind.

The premise for the Amateur difficulty is that is runs the Amateur Driving model, tire wear, tire heating, ambient temperatures and fuel use disabled. Damage is kept to visuals only and the cars are using fixed setups.

In order to make sure players can get the feel they want from the controls when playing the game, we have moved the steering lock from its normal place in the car setup menu to a new location within the controls menu, this allow for personal tweaks of how the car and controller inputs interacts even with fixed car setups.

The Get Real™ driving model feels and drives much like you would expect a SimBin game to drive, it is immersive, dramatic and challenging.

Full Q&A Available Here

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