Published on December 8th, 2011 | by Alisdair


SimBin – GTR3 Teaser Interview

Following the release earlier today of SimBin’s upcoming title GTR3 teaser release, they have now released an interview with CEO at SimBin Studios Henrik Roos and Chris Speed, SimBin’s Executive Producer which answers many of the questions raised by fans and the community.

The interview answers many questions many of the questions crucial to the Teasers success such as Are the sounds from the game, What platform do you intend on releasing GTR 3 for and even who is working on this project.

RR: Are all sounds in the teaser based on in-game material?

Henrik: Yes of course! Can you guess what car it is? Or even better, what track is it?

Check out the interview here for all details and questions you may have upon the Teaser Release.


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