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SimBin- GTR 3 Audio Teaser

As we anticipated earlier this week of simBin releasing GTR 3 News coming later this month, well today SimBin has treated us to a brilliant sound teaser for the upcoming title to the ever growing GTR series, GTR3.

The teaser allows you to interactive just like driving a real GT car from priming the system,  flicking the main, pump and finally the engine light to hear the car roar. One you have started you will be treated to some brilliant in game sounds and small preview pictures of what is in the game. The teaser features some brilliant engine noises taken from the game showing how enhanced the sound is compared with previous SimBin titles.

Some of tracks and some of cars, most are really hard to make out but if you find out please drop us a comment and we will include it here,

View the Article Here  and check out some of the screen shots we manages to grab from the audio/photo display released today. Some teasers show cars which we expect on to be a BMW and another screen shot shows Pit Crews standing in the garage, possibly showcasing how they have changes the way the AI work and made them interact more with the user as they pit etc.



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