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Published on February 17th, 2012 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2 – Sears Point Raceway Previews

rFactor 2 community member and modder Mianiac recently released the details and previews of his current modding project for rFactor 2, Sears Point Raceway. When he first previewed it to the rFactor 2 community it showed his work so far and what he had achieved.

Now that Mianiac has been working constantly on his project for rFactor 2 he has released new screenshots showing the track in what looks like a near finished state as it has most track side objects and textures now in place making it look even better than what it first did when he announced it to the community. Along with the new previews of Sears Point Raceway he also released a test version which you can try the track out for yourself. Check out the download link and read me text below.

Link Updated to include latest Version – 17:03 GMT

Download the Track Here

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The track is released in a complete rfm package, check out the read me below for more info.

My purpose of releasing this test version is to test the packaging/mod system for rf2.
It is a complete rfmod package that includes the track and a reference to the Meganes. It also contains an update.
It’s setup to use the Full Course, sometime soon I will upload a virtual mod for the FR3.5′s on the INDYCAR Course and the Vintage F1′s on the NASCAR Course. That should give a nice variation of the different layouts. But for now, I’ll just start with the Megane’s to make sure everything is ok.

There is no need to report any bugs or missing things, as there has already been a lot done since this was packaged, I have been working on the animations, there has been some remapping of the terrain and new grass textures. I have also been working on adding more TSO’s and improving existing TSO’s. The cameras are being tweaked to remove flickering and shadows disappearing.

However, I would like to hear about any problems with installing or updating.
Anyway, here it is, I hope you all enjoy it


Sears Point Raceway also known as Infineon raceway located in California. The track is 2.52 Miles in length featuring a variety of 12 turns, the track see’s action from many big name Motorsport series such as the Nascar Spring Cup Series


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  • Magnus

    Stop spreading the link retards. It’s a beta version that is uploaded regularly and thus invalid after a few hours. You’re making modders work harder, use your fucking head.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for such a nice comment! Im sure if this was true modders would be sending us bad emails instead of thanking us for posting about there track! I could repeat what you said but im not that low as if you check other sim news sites they do the exact same

  • Maurizio

    Just wanted to get you reacting quick. And i’m not Mianiak i don’t have to thank you. Sorry my method offended you.

    • Anonymous

      Personally just read the comment by Mianiak on the ISI forum and if he contacts me every time its updated i personally have no problem with updating the download link each time its updated.

  • Anonymous

    Mianiak is now in direct contact with us and will be providing us with the latest update news and download links for sears Point.

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