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Published on January 22nd, 2012 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2 – Motec Plugin

The development teams working on mods for games such as rFactor 2 are in full force releasing tracks and cars for the open beta sim. Recently released for rFactor 2 is an essential for those who wish to analysis lap times, and adjust setups for the best lap time possible.

The Motec Plugin allows the user to compare laptimes using the telemetry features, access to aerodynamic figures allowing you to make the best setup possible for the fastest lap which can mean everything from winning or loosing a championship race. Check out the changelog for the recent update to the plugin and what is now included in this great plugin for rFactor 2.


  • Added most of the new data in rF2′s plugin interface, but there are some caveats:
  • Filtered input can now be logged. You can see autoblip & autolift, speed limiter, and probably also TC on the throttle trace, ABS effects will be seen on braking (I think!), steering input is affected by steering help and maybe sensitivity etc. I’m not sure how useful this is so you can choose in the .ini file whether to log the raw inputs as before, the new filtered ones (which will appear as the normal input channels in MoteC), or both (Filtered inputs are new channels, and you’ll have to add them to graphs yourself).
  • Wheel Toe and Camber is logged – unfortunately rF2 is currently returning 0 for all camber values.
  • Steering input is now a percentage of full lock. In rF1 I was grabbing the current setup steering lock from memory and producing a steered angle from it, but you should be able to use the average of FL and FR Toe values to get an accurate steered angle figure (MoteC’s built-in ‘Oversteer’ Maths will use it).
  • Aerodynamics figures (drag, front/rear downforce, front wing height, front/rear height) can be logged, but again this is optional and off by default. I’ve assumed N for the forces.
  • Contact patch details are referenced and now logged (lateral and longitudinal velocities for both the ground at the contact patch and the contact patch itself)… but always return 0 from rF2. Even if it worked I would wonder how useful it would be for setting up a car, but if it ever gets switched on you can log it if you want.
  • ‘Brake Pressure’ for each wheel; the files (ISI) say this is a percentage figure at the moment, so they will represent the current brake balance and pedal position. Expected to switch to kPa later on, I’ll update the unit then.
  • Other new channels: Suspension force for each wheel, front and rear third spring deflection.
Download Motec Plugin Here

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