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Published on December 29th, 2011 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2 – More Beta Information

Scott Juliano has recently revealed on the rFactor 2 forums about many of the things people have been curious and concerned about for the upcoming beta phase of rFactor 2. Scott revealed many of the things that will be coming in the open beta not just the content side of things which was released a few weeks ago.

Included in the beta when you pre-purchase will be:

  • Single Player
  • Multi Player
  • Developer mode
  • Development Tools
  • What Documentation we have for those tools to date (in the WIP state)
  • Rain
  • Wet/Dry track transition
  • Dynamic track elements (Groove/Marbles)
  • New Tire Model
  • New physics
  • New Collision
  • HDR (with other Post FX to come)
  • Access to beta updates and new/updated content as they become available

Check out the forum post to see all the features and concerns about refunds and online service being covered. Scott covered a lot of things in his forum post that will sure answer many of your questions.

Forum post Here

*UPDATE*: Upon searching the forums more it looks most certain that the beta phase will be available after everyone at ISI is back at the office after their Christmas and New Year Holidays. Scott Juliano said on the forums:

We plan on releasing the current Release Candidate that is in testing after the holidays unless something is found in testing that prevents it, or we feel we MUST add a last minute feature that just can NOT wait for a later beta update. I can not give a date, hour, minute, second answer–I don’t have one. But “early January” would be a fairly safe assumption as long as the following criteria are met:

1) Testing shows there’s nothing terribly broken in the current Beta Release Candidate
2) Nothing unexpected crops up with the commerce system
3) No last minute, mandatory, additions are added, thus requiring another build and testing of that build
4) Gjon says “Go”

That is an official an answer as I can give. We will know better after everyone is back in the office after the holidays (and you wonder why we didn’t want to release BEFORE the holidays and then break for vacation–look up and all over the forum  ) and see what testing has found.

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