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Published on November 12th, 2011 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2- Monaco Chicane Preview

ISI today has release some brilliant looking screen shots of the historic chicane at Monaca. The new screenshots show the attention to detail the designers have taken when designing the tracks.

Tim Wheatley said on the rFactor 2 forum

The historic chicane at Monaco is certainly as much of a challenge to get right in rFactor 2 as it was in real life. The scene of Lorenzo Bandini’s fatal accident in 1967, it was an extremely tight transition between the cliff road and harbor road beside it. The chicane is probably the most difficult turn at the historic track, closely followed by turn one and the entry into Casino square.

The approach to the chicane is very important. You must stay to the right or you risk reducing your possible angles far too much. The escape road of the chicane is filled with bales of hay which you can easily slide through, sending them flying until you hit something more solid. The chicane has objects which are concrete, wood, supported by sandbags, etc, and these all react in the way you would expect. Clipping the chicane can lead you to go spinning down the following straight or even send you into the air, landing in the water of the harbor.

Check out some of the Screen shots below

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