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Published on December 21st, 2011 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2 – Interview Discusses Beta, Tracks & More

In a recent interview with Tim Wheatly from Image Space Incorporate, creators of rFactor and rFactor 2, Racedepartment asked many key questions which the community has been looking forward to knowing the answer to.

The questions asked by Racedepartment vary from AI control, Laser-developed tracks to how many input devices will rFactor 2 be able to handle.

Check out the interview below or on RaceDepartment’s Site

Will the game include advanced ambience effects like wind? If so how do these effect the player.

Wind will be included (most likely after the open beta), and will have an effect on both cars and environment. A typical example would be the approach to the Masta Kink: If you have had the wind behind, you may need to bring your markers for lifting and/or braking further away from the turn-in. You may also need to adjust gear ratios to cope with the faster speeds, which may cause engine damage.

As it stands now, what is the target for release? 

We do not have one. We don’t work that way. Our focus is development, not marketing (the marketing department that normally sets release dates with most software developers). We realize that an understated and open-ended approach may be confusing and hard to accept, but a worthy product sells itself, regardless, and this is our style.

Check out the Full interview over at RaceDepartment’s site.

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