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Published on December 23rd, 2011 | by Alisdair


rFactor 2 – Beta Content Available

Tim Wheatley of Image Space Incorporated, creators of rFactor 2 have released an early Christmas present for those who are waiting on the rFactor 2 beta. They have released various torrent files for you to get started on downloading the content for the beta.

Unfortunately these files are unplayable at this moment in time but are available to download to save time when the beta arrives.The contents include Renault Megane Trohpy, 1960s world Class racing and Formula Renault 35’s

Scott Juliano of ISI said :

Let me explain the FR3.5 update. The 1.0 rfmod file is a “Lite” version containing 1 of 3 tracks, and 2 of the fr3.5 cars. The 1.1 update contains the remainer of the series as it is right now.

The reason we wanted to split this one up is to give you all an example of how you can update components (cars or tracks), and update mods (a collection of cars and tracks)….

Also, a note about the size of these files: .rfmod files are a collection of cars and tracks (along with sounds). You can even create new UI components and include those as well. As such, full .rfmod files tend to be rather large. You can of course have .rfmod files that update existing mods, and those tend to range in size from small to just as large depending on what’s being updated.

You can also have things like “virtual mod” .rfmod files that only reference components–the user is responsible for already making sure they have the proper components install. These are VERY small.

Lastly, from time to time we may also release single components (a single car or track). This is typically how most rF1 content was released (without having been pre-packaged) and those download sizes will be more familiar to you…

Download 1960’s World Class Racing content
Download Renault Megane Trophy content
Download Formula Renault 35’s Link 1 content
Download Formula Renault 35’s Link 2 content

In other rFactor 2 news Scott Juliano has released a very nice article on the ISI forums surroundinga packaging overview. He discusses many things from addressing those who make rF2 mods to when you are ready to start the online phase of testing on your mod.

For those that make rF2 mods, please note that \gamedata has changed to \ModDev (Mod Development). The structure within remains the same, as does the file structure for cars and tracks. This is where you will create mods for rF2 and test them locally offline using the “Developer” version of rF2 (which is part of the beta release). In this area things will be just about exactly as you remember from rF1.

When you are ready to start testing your mod online you will need to apply for a ModID number from us for your mod (it’s EASY to do and free of course). Only mods that have a ModID will show up on the matchmaker. Components (single cars or tracks) do not need ModID’s…

Read the Full interview here


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