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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Q&A Part 2

Simbin have published the second Q&A article with Diego Sartori as they continue to discuss the community submitted questions for their upcoming title RaceRoom Racing Experience.

During the second part of the Q&A series they discuss some key questions including: What graphics engine is RaceRoom Racing Experience using and which visual improvements does it come with?, Do you support different times of day? Weather?. We will look forward to part 3 of the Q&A as we learn more information about the upcoming free-to-play title.

What graphics engine is RaceRoom Racing Experience using and which visual improvements does it come with?

RaceRoom Racing Experience is using our new RendR™ graphics engine.
RendR™ has been developed for this project, and future projects of course. The premise given to the team was that we wanted a graphics engine that was able to deliver a game with looks worthy of a 2012 release.

In addition to providing the game with its good looks, RendR™ also had to improve on the games scalability. We wanted RaceRoom Racing Experience to play on as broad a range of differently spec computers as possible, this we have achieved.

RendR™ supports and features all the commonly used post effects and tech advances you would expect to see in a game release anno 2012. How we use them or to what extend we use them is where RaceRoom Racing Experience might differ from other racing games currently on the market.

The one crucial aspect of a games appearance is the light settings the game ship with. In SimBin we have always gone for a natural look and feel, this we know, is not always the preferred light setting by the fans, and even internally.

The way we have decided to deal with this is through a feature we call Driving Moods, this feature makes it possible for the user to toggle between a wide range of different light settings, different times of day, different styles of light setting, super bloom, overly saturated and anything in between.

Driving Moods can be toggled at any time during any game-mode, it is a local setting so one player can play the game with one Mood and another play the game with a completely different Mood, even in multiplayer.

Read Part 2 of the Q&A Here

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