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Published on January 30th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Special Build 141

Project CARS currently in pre-alpha development stages by Slightly Mad Studios has an update available for Team Members+ every Friday which includes new content and many fixes making the game that much nicer to play.

However this week has seen a very earlier build release for Team Member+ due to it including some fixed that members have been complaining about since the last build. Check out the full change log below and find the download link available for this build.

Build 141 (30/1/12, Team Member+)
Disable visual steering wheel prediction
FFB progressive slip updates for understeer improvements
Protect against no vehicle details having been set for player when doing seat adjustments
Take direction into account when validating quick race track selection
WIP – subtle FFB engine vibration (enabled on Logitech devices for now). New profile required
Input Lag updates
Added F1 menu item for Render Bridge Interval
Legs/fingers micromovement
Updated the TRDs to have appropriate “Setup Group” data (Circuits/Karts/Test Track)
SuperKart: cockpit display added
Seatbelts and face rig added for Driver
Ariel Atom: new collisions finished, WIP ambient occlusion
Massive update to the UI (see UI Engineering Thread)
Corrected maximum opponent count.
Decimal places added to Tire Pressure in advance of Steve reducing the number by 100
Set quick race grid position to random (may change depending on WMD poll result).
Car Setup on main screen swapped over to Options instead
Increase grip of drains and astro turf.
1st pass textures Belgian Forest
Deleted desktop and start menu Wip Lag shortcuts
New Connecticut Hill exports
New Belgium Forest export

Build 140 (30/1/12, Senior Manager)
Added callbacks to modify setup visual values
Remove hardcoded max participant numbers in special effects code
Validate quick race menu options when changing track
Driver paddle animations, idle finger animations
-new 1pv 3pv , in out sets, adjusted with local layers for better manipulation
Driver helmet skin cleanup + visor bones added
Driver rig export + face rig + seatbelt rig added
Moved the starting point for the rolling start for the TT event on Bologna. Player now takes control just before the 90 degree turn before the S/F straight.
Allow 32 participants in quick race again
Add 1st pass textures for Belgian Forest asset
New Bathurst export
New Northampton export
New Caterham export

Download the Build Here


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