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Published on May 5th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – New Junior Member + Build Available

Project CARS has seen some exciting news this week as Slightly Mad Studios announced the partnership with Pagani to bring three of their cars to Project CARS. Well now it’s that time of the week for another development build, this time available to Junior Members +.

The latest build gives everyone from junior member + the chance the try out the new Zonda R. Apart from that junior members get to try out various new features including the latest track addition, Harrison Pike Raceway oval and also the new reworked Force Feedback system. Also new for junior members is the Caper Stock Car and the all new helmet camera feature.

Download Build 207 Here

[toggle title=”Build 207 release notes”]Build 207 (4/5/12, Junior Member+)

Known Issues: Artifact appears on the steering wheel of the Zonda when in a high speed crash.

Updated Fanatec CSW device ID and flipped operation of RPM lights to match latest version of the wheel
Added adjustment of aerodynamics influence while vehicle is in the air
Update various new profile defaults
Added new Bathurst HUD map
Stockcar_1990: All exterior mapped&textured, CPIT windscreen created, normals flipped,UV2 mapped, reflections texture added, user flag set .Some materials updates
Leonus 68 more robust driver back in(GT_classic) , changing gear animation added, roof camera position modified to show more of driver hands
Pagani Zonda R: pushrod positions matched to CAD. Fixes broken weight jacking effect of caster changes
Palmer JPLM: new suspension geometry for physics based on the model and photo references
Stockcar_1990: springs (front, rear) added
Pagani Zonda R: added custom liveries
BAC MONO: new liveries added
Added Zonda R 
Stockcar 90: checks/fixes + prepared export with finished chassis textures
Pagani logo added to splash screen
News ticker updated with Pagani info
Derby: Balanced textures to not look so washed out
New Stockcar export
New Derby exports[/toggle]

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