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Published on March 2nd, 2013 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Junior Build 417 Released

Slightly Mad Studios have released the latest monthly build for Project Cars Junior Members+. The latest build number 417 is an accumulation of all the changes and new features that have been made over the past month to the upcoming simulation title.

Some of the key changes and new features to the title over the past month include the addition of the Ruf RGT8 and the BMW M3 GT4. Along with the new content various bugs have been fixed and various areas of the title improved.

[toggle title=”Build 417 Release Notes”]Build 417 (1/3/13, Junior Member+)
* Re-enabled Game usage in external script
* Added script search paths to includes in common libs
* Modified build scripts to bring into line with new script compiler common include handling
* Modified ScribeCompiler build rule to add new default properties and allow per-project editing
* Renamed ‘Scribe_Internal’ folder to ‘RaceAppCore_Scribe’
* Library update for “basic” tread mode
* Next revision of kart, including new A/B/C test
* Lensflares now come from the enviroment system
* New lenflare tech
* Can now live edit Lensflares and overide data based on time of day
* Fixed depth map support in skyrings – allows variation of fog strength so some parts look closer
* Crowds small flag animation fixes for props behavior + cleanup and selection sets update to contain proper meshes
* Casual women cheering animations
* Casual animations idles migration
* Add appCanOverrideSampler annotations for phase3 techniques to allow DX9 to modify Aniso settings correctly
* Balancing of ‘sports’ box
* Armco 3d distance adjustments to match main engine gain and filter roll offs
* Balancing adjustments (levels)
* RUF AI set added.
* Updating RUF set to take account of new physics. Balancing adjustments to 3d distance, distortion, compression and pitch.
* Adding RUF AI engine set
* RUF logo added
* Azure Circuit: Added new casino roundabout, merged in latest stuff from Janp, temp fixed sidewalk around latest JanP assets, deleted old stuff, updated trees on the casino roundabout
* Bathurst: Added outer grass, fixed various wall issues, reduced outer terrian extent to fix terrain pop up, created new grass exclusion map. added new texture for grass clusters for the autograss
* BMW M3 GT: New windscreen banner setup, bugfixing, updated headlights
* BMW M3 GT: Added placeholder livery banners + tweaked lights
* BMW M3 GT4: Fixed livery numbering
* Formula A: new aero with vastly increased ride height sensitivity. set suspension to use wheel rate for everything
* Ruf RGT8: Normals fixes, exhausts fix, AO added on wheels, brake disks and tyres
* Pirault Mega: Fixed spring rate calculation mistake. Ride frequencies now match the appropriate spec[/toggle]

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