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Published on December 22nd, 2016 | by Ben


Project CARS eSports Action Hits Le Mans Bugatti

With the main Project CARS eSports championships now into their off-season period, our ultra-competitive teams and drivers are free to focus on the weekly ESL Project CARS Cups, before taking a well-earned Christmas break.
As always, Sunday’s €150 prize pool Cups were a series of 12-player races on all three Project CARS platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). This time around, the drivers tackled the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans—the shorter, non-public road variation of the classic track at Le Mans. Fans of two-wheeled action might be familiar with the layout, as it hosts the French round of the MotoGP season each year.
For our four-wheeled competitors this week, the track presents as interesting challenge, mostly dominated by sweeping, medium-speed corners, and two long straights. The track continually sweeps from right to left, so how you place your car on the racing line is absolutely critical here. If you compromise your line by attacking or defending too hard into one apex, it can easily cost you valuable lap-time through the next two or three bends.

Read on to see who came out on top this week.

PlayStation 4

Following on from last week’s domination, the SRT Elite team were back in form again at Le Circuit Bugatti, with three drivers qualifying in the Top 4. This included a front-row lockout by Isaac21, and ChucKno33. It was another tough qualifying though for eSPORTS+CARS pilot, DriverR1. After a slightly disappointing 4th place finish in last week’s PS4 Cup, he could only qualify in 8th this time around.

A chaotic start saw ChucKno drop to 5th in the early laps, as several drivers in the top-half of the field got caught-up in early mistakes, and a good amount of paint was swapped between them. DriverR1 also had a troubled run this week. One incident with Neqzo put a dent into DriverR1’s early progress, as he very politely backed off his pace to bring Neqzo back into play after nudging him off the track. The eSPORTS+CARS driver would eventually finish 10th.

The rest of the race featured a real battle between Isaac21 and TX3 driver TouTouNer for the win. It came right down to the last lap, with some fair driving from both guys. Eventually, Isaac hung on to take victory, with TouTouNer second, and ChucKno33 rounding out the PS4 podium.

Xbox One

Over on Xbox, it was the BAM team’s time to shine. After SDL Motorsport team’s domination last week, BAM’s Hornet 17 stepped up his game at Le Circuit Bugatti, taking victory ahead of two of his SDL rivals, M Power and OPTIMUS.

Many of the other finalists in this week’s Xbox Cup were new faces, all battling together just behind the big names at the front. It’s great to see more individual drivers taking part in the ESL Cups, coming along to test their skills against the big teams. The ESL Cups have been a great proving ground for talent in Project CARS, and many of the drivers in the top teams were first scouted in ESL events. Perhaps some of the midfield drivers in this week’s Xbox Cup will be the big names of the future.


Over in the PC tournament, it was an SDL Motorsport victory thanks to Logitech G Series Champion, Mangator, who has now taken back-to-back victories in December. Cotkawa and Croug took the other podium places in a contest which saw many new faces put in great performances, just like on Xbox.

​There was an unfortunate mid-race disconnect for BAM driver, Khaki, who surely would have been right up at the front, but there is no doubt that the Apex Online Racing GT3 Elite League champion will come back fighting next time around.

ESL Project CARS Christmas Cups

ESL Cups normally take place every Sunday, but with Christmas Day coming up this Sunday, the next Cups move to Monday.

If you’d like to test your skills against the very best in Project CARS, visit the ESL website to register for the next Go4 Cups, taking place on December 26 at 6pm GMT. There’s a new ESL Cup every week, each one with €150 in cash prizes up for grabs, and you can race on any platform.

You can also vote for the circuit you’d like to race. Visit the ESL forums after you’ve signed-up to have your say.

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