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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Ben


Project Cars – Build 456 Released

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new weekly development build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title.

Build 456 introduces a very early version of the brand new Formula C car, allowing first extensive physics testing with the lower-tier Formula car that fits right into Project CARS career ladder as a step up from the Formula Rookie.

[toggle title=”Build 456 Release Notes”]Build 456 (26/4/13, Team Member+)
* Add display of tyre variations
* Updated tyre label debug text
* Fixes display of tire details on first entering the tuning screen
* Add display of default tyre option until changed
* Added support for Freecamera in the UICameraManager i.e Freecamera in the FE
* Fixes for memory handling for new list-in-list functionality
* Added new selection and click through type for list and menu. Added ‘list-in-list’ handinling for GUIListItemData
* New career screens, correct items for the Career Options dialog, new sprite containers (TeamLogos and Aries_Frontend2), placeholder data on the Vehicle Model screen
* Set Password dialog box updated, placeholder dialog boxes added for Career Dashboard
* Tyre options updates
* Added -A/B/C options to tyre interfaces in setup data
* Removed command line option for -A/B/C
* Updated allocation strategy of PhysX memory output stream
* R500 Dirtster tyre added to #A
* Mitsu Evo, Ford Focus, Renault Megane – added AJ’s dirt tire as #A option
* Planar reflection texture setup fixed (remove incorrect anti-alias/depth setting)
* DX11 mipmap calculation fix (causing a startup crash with planar reflections in certain modes)
* DX11 support for ESM/EVSM (disabled atm)
* DX9/DX11 – fix half width shadowmap usage (following on from Kev’s spot shadows rework)
* Experimental fix for flickering moon when in modes which do not clear the depth buffer
* Support for ESM/EVSM in PC shadowmap shaders
* Lakeville Raceway: Merged in new grandstand
* Lakeville Raceway: New textures for main tribune
* Lakeville Raceway: Added lights to top of grandstand
* Lakeville Raceway: Fixed microgaps, terrain issues around pit area and merged in latest assets
* Lakeville Raceway: Reduced texture size and changed colour of roofing to match RL(green)
* Test Track Hillclimb: DIRT_ROAD collision material added
* BMW M3 E30: gearshifter arm position fixed, gearshifter animation enabled
* Formula C: placeholder model export for physics testing[/toggle]


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