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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 334 Released

Slightly Mad Studios have released the latest development build for their increasingly popular World of Mass Development powered Project CARS.

The latest build, build 334 is now available for all Team Members + and brings various changes to the title. Already available for Team Members is a very early version of the multiplayer system which the developers are continually working on along with that of the new SETA tire model which is also constantly being updated and developed.

Download Build 334 Here

Build 334 (29/10/12, Team Member+)

* Increased draft aero effect for player
* Fixed wrap around issue with drafting table and vehicles behind player
* Updated FFB defaults (details in WMD forum).
* Updated handling of transforms of dynamic objects in Tools library.
* Updated handling for ignoring failed injection
* Viewer updates for new dlls and some config changes
* Disallow manual reset in MP mode (pending host option).
* Updated attribute descriptor to match latest server sources – added attributes for:
– Id of identical vehicle forced by the session, if any.
– Race date
– Race time + weather
– Race length
[OneSock] Updated DS protocol defs from latest server sources:
– Optional BYE message type added.
Wisconsin_Raceway – added a new asset, the gearbox food stand, and fixed the terrain around it. Fixed also the lng grass mesh
new textures for wisconsin raceway, first revision, wip
Lakeville – changed textures, added New textures; texturemap for terrain; terrain texturemap; Replace and recollocate some trees.
Northampton – Tweaked textures; Pit buildings complex – part2
bmw_z4_gt3 –
* Various fixes, detachable doors, tyres fixed
* better reflections for CPIT display, fixed tyre rotation, lots of other fixes
* Updated Z4 cockpit exposure now it has a proper cockpit.
* upated Gumpoert engine set
* pdated Gumpert engine set plus experimental 3d settings
* adding vibration and rattle layers

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