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Published on September 16th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 302 Released

Slightly Mad Studios have released this weeks latest development build for their upcoming WMD powered title Project CARS.

The latest build available to all Team Members+ comes with various changes including changes to the new BMW’s that you got your hands on last week along with new track exports etc all listed below in the detailed change log.

Build 302 (14/9/12, Team Member+)
Fixed crash for non-unregistered applink
Adds caching of ghost data for time trial UI
Caching record stats for leaderboard to prevent stale data crash
Time trial ghost leaderboards, added ‘select vehicle’ filter to vehicle leaderbaord
Fixed layer handling on events screen
Time trial screens update – added registration methods for elements for visiblity and enabling/disabling. Quick fixed server spamming, may need further UI changes to reduce server overloading
Added missing call to FixupSlotName() in CarSetupSlot::Read()
Fixes for small job SPU setup, also fixes optimisation settings for all configs
Improved handling of expected and unexpected disconnects. Leaving DS intentionally or signing off/disconnecting will now properly clean up session information and send “session left” + “session gone” notifications to app
New time trial , ghost leaderboard and ghost local storage screens.
Some minor UI data changes still needed to deal with disabled menu item states, and some unavailable data
Northampton – add new textures for SF gantry
Changes to Ghost Leaderboard screen to allow clicking on tabs, Use Best In Session now has applink
Time trial ghost leaderboards, added ‘select vehicle’ filter to vehicle leaderboard
Fixed layer handling on events screen
Pagani Huayra – small tweaks to engine and tyres (heating and load)
Eifelwald – new basic AIW for latest loft changes
Disabled state added to all ghost menu items as well as tick to show ghost data is present
Remove Ghost button added to Time Trial screen, old Ghost Visible option removed, ‘Jump To Me’ button added
New USA Portaloos & placement on Monterey
New Eifelwald export
New Moterey export

Known Issues:
* Ghost name and time are set to ‘NA’ on return from a race in the time trial screen, though the vehicle name remains.
* Ghost screens in ‘Events’ are not yet available (should be disabled). A slightly different solution has been proposed.
* Paging does not work on the ‘my records’ tab – though I’ve had trouble getting enough records on there anyway, it still needs to be fixed.
* Local storage entries do not currently show the user name for non-local users; requires a server call to retrieve user data for other userIds. This doesn’t happen much currently and will be looked into later.

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