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Published on September 8th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 296 Introduces Two New BMW’s

Slightly Mad Studios have released this weeks development build for their WMD Powered Project CARS, the latest development build is available for all Junior +.

Not only does the latest development build bring the usual extensive list of changes to the title but this week brings two new exciting vehicles to the title all thanks to the new partnership with BMW which will eventually see 10 unique BMW models in Project CARS. However the latest build brings the  2012 BMW Z4 GT3 and the 1981 BMW M1 Procar.

The BMW Z4 GT3 is BMW’s weapon of choice for competition in FIA GT3-sanctioned sports car racing. Weighing 1190 kilograms. the Z4 GT3 is powered by a BMW 4.4 liter V8 engine providing 515hp of power that is transmitted using a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters.

Members who like it a bit more old school will love BMW’s iconic M1 Procar. Based on the legendary M1 road car, the Procar version is equipped with a racing suspension, racing aerodynamics and a more powerful version of the BMW M88 straight-six engine that provides 470hp in racing trim.

Build Release Notes

Build 296 (6/9/12, Junior+)

Added lock for non-available vehicles by status
Online sessions:
* Changed debug outpuf of certain state information to print textual name of the state instead of numeric value
* Lobby setup request message has new parameters that specify that the sender wishes to receive. (Until now the only option was everything.)
* Admin will auto-assign user setup for newly joined users that will be used before the new member will send their requests. This will ensure that an admin always has full valid setup
* Improved the protocol for distributing setup of a user that joins a session in the lobby. There were a few situations where the user’s setup would not reach the admin and/or some members, these now work properly.
* User setup validated by admin will overwrite my local preferred setup, if it was changed during validation
* Race load syncing up to transition to data loading (work in progress)
* Renamed some events so that all event names follow the same naming convention
* If host migration happens at any point during load sequence, the new admin will request state update from all members and all members will send the update to the new admin
* Debug menu commands to join or create a session will not assert when not joined to a server, instead they will print an error.
Restructured damage manager to handle initialisation of damage brushes slightly later during boot sequence, so that memory trace module would be ready
Changed vehicle flow to use higher level discipline filter – uses ‘vehicle shape’ rather than ‘vehicle class’
Added an ‘All’ option to the dicipline menu
Formula Rookie: Set steering wheel to be removed when option is selected
Connecticut Hill crowds – added initial sitting crowds
Capitalization added to Main Menu and Quick Solo pages, Show Ghost button hidden until supporting code is available
Caterham Classic: set to road class
Texturebrightness tweak bathurst
Monterey, static objects – fixed intersecting assets with new addons
Pagani Huayra: Adjusted for understeer. Increased front tyre stiffness, adjsuted roll stiffness. Increased decell torque on the engine for more lift offoversteer along with a decell diff change
Adding track.lod file to avoid most obvoius tree popups at Jin Ding
Fixed cockpit exposure for the BMW M1 and the two Paganis
Fixed seat adjustment limits for the two BMWs
Default livery colour for BMW changed to white
Add BMW M1 and BMW Z4 GT3 to vehicle list
BMW Z4 GT3: initial animation pack1
Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
Added national flags: 6 variations
Added Z4 GT3 and M1 AI engines (plus compression and distortion dsp)
various dsp and level tweaks
Tranny volume increased
When going into the Setup page from the Quick Solo page the parameter is now set to 1 instead of 0 (previous)
New Track Photos taken by the WMD community
Tweaksx to dsp curves, engine pitch and rev limit
Track logo added to Quick Solo page, track map now at correct size, added Ginetta to the manufacturer logos on the splash screen
Fix for one more spotlight bug
Formula Rookie: added suspension animation source max files
Adding exhuast res, distortion and latest load curves
Monterey. Tweaked textures.
Trackside truck aniso fixes as requested on the forum
Fixed ‘go back’ issues with vehicle select flow
Adding exhaust resonation sound
New BMW exports
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Bologna exports
New Eifelwald exports
New Jin Ding export
New Monterey export

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