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Published on July 13th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 254 Available Including New Track Volusia

Slightly Mad Studio’s has released the latest build for Project CARS, available to all team members+.

The latest build of the WMD powered title brings various changes this week from updates to various areas of the pre-alpha game including new track exports, texture tweaks and the introduction of a new track to the title going by the in-game name of Volusia.

Download Build 254 Here or Download Via your Launcher

Build 254 (13/7/12, Team Member+)
Added new variable m_renderfarZ to the camera code. This allows us to have a separate far clip plane for frustum culling and what we actually use when rendering
Fix for the shadows not matching up correctly with recent camera changes
Ghost system:
– Ghost manager ensures that only ghosts known to the cache manager are added to the list of selected ghosts
– When the cache manager replaces a ghost with a better one in the same settings and the old ghost is selected for inclusion in race, the reference will be updated to the new better ghost
– Fixed assert in debug code when a ghost was selected to the race.
Added new camera specs using the new camera code for separating the far clip plane for frustum culling and what we actually use when rendering. Should fix the issue of disappearing objects
Fixed turbo spool so it can only trigger when the turbo rate is increasing
Northampton pits texture update
Rain spray texture tweaks and system tweaks so that it blends between conditions
Added new temp blend texture for Eifelwald track
Pagani Huayra textures. Some more metal tweaks
Northampton pitbuilding texture update
Reduced spray particles colour from 1 to 0.5, so back to previous col setting
Generic emissive control map checked in
Increased wet weather spray emitters from 24 to current max (64)
Updates to wet weather effects – trails now as lines, changes to min/max particle numbers per system
Belgian Forest Circuit – update trees and crowds for new terrain
Added Volusia
Volusia Circuit – first pass on AIW. Main path, raceline, corridors, cut tracks. (no pit lane path)
Grassbase template for Volusia
Volusia – Updated track names to “Volusia Raceway” and “Volusia Circuit” – added location data for weather and ordered the tracks with the Oval First
Volusia – Added the placholder “Under Construction” icons for the track select maps
Volusia – Traffic cones to indicate the circuit entry
Volusia – Changed Oval trackname to “Volusia Speedway”
Volusia – Track logos added
Volusia – Fixed incorrect Timezone data in TRD and also Added placeholder Track Photo’s which were missing
New Formula Rookie export
New Belgium Forest export
New Eifelwald export
New Northamption export

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