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Published on July 3rd, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 246 Released

Slightly Mad Studios has released a special build for their WMD Powered Project CARS. The latest development build bringing minimal amount of changes is available to all Team Members +.

The latest special build was released as various members experienced several crashing issues since the release of the last build on Friday.

Download Build 246 Here

Build 246 (3/7/12, Team Member+)
Fixed PS3 fog direction handling code, and added note to assist any later additions to the same set of shader parameters
[Online] Reexported latest DS constants. Send regular keepalive messages to DS.
[Renderer] Renaming the engine param from shadowRotationTexure to shadowRotationTex as this is the name of the param in the fx files ..
[GUI] Updated new Jin Ding map.
[GUI] Fixed the black quad that was appearing over the garage scene in the Main Menu
[GUI] New export of car garage scene
Formula Rookie: added new livery
Integrated change: corrected lightmap Max shader so that future exports will not mistakenly export the lightmap intensity as a float 4 vector, causing warning messages on PS3 TTY
Back out changelist that broke the cloud shadows in dx11

Build 245 (2/7/12, Team Member+)
Anyone who is using a work around of old data and new .exe. Will have to replace the files back to the way they were on 244, or do a full uninstall, re-install, then install the patch.

Adding changes to render bridge to allow recording of debug information to a binary log
Modified render bridge logging system to allow writing to user folder (along with graphics configs etc)
Added call to dump raw data from render bridge
Added command line arg to wait for tweakit connection
Modified render bridge logging to pass in project subfolder
Integrate changes to switch car preview when car is selected in quick solo
Fix for game freezing when pressing start
New FE garage with corrupt meshes fixed
Added support for misc scene exports for menu background
Generic materials. Renamed carbon_gloss material to paint_carbon_gloss
Formula B: added missing mirrors to wireframe/template
Loading Screen – improved weather icon for Partly Cloudy
Changed direction of arrows for Concord and Chesterfield MAP files
Added camera files back in for menu background
Formula Rookie: added new livery
Removed background video so 3D scene is now default

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