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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS Build 202 Available Now

Project CARS development is continuing strong as more licensing deals are announced and weekly build release. However this week is slightly different. Recently announced to Project CARS members is that we will no longer see weekly builds instead we will receive weekly patches which will drastically reduce the download size dependent on the work that has taken place. However the team hopes to be releasing a full build every month.

Don’t think this will bring you less content as it doesn’t. Simply download the latest build on offer and from there on download the latest weekly patch of content which will mean less files to download, only those that have been changed or added.

In this weeks patch comes various changes as always including adjustments to helmet cam, new textures at Besos along with various new exports for both cars and tracks.  Check out the full change log below for a full description on the changes made for this patch.

Download Build 202 Here

[toggle title=”Build 202 Notes”]Build 202 (27/4/12, Team Member+)Update rolling start option accordingly when selected track forces rolling start
Fix AI throttle cap at 100%.
Adjusted helmet cam exposure to suit new art
Added the ability to submit flags with stats. In the future, the stats will be used to record information like whether or not driving aids were enabled during the record lap.
Removed obsolete API to submit records without sector times
In car view exhaust resonation layer enabled
New Azure Coast reverse HUD map added
Enabling helmet cam audio dampening
Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Changed specular settings for carbon to look the same as vehicles_basic
New Besos textures checked in
Bodywork_Carbon Max shaders. Specular settings for Matte option updated
Adjust LOD/CUL settings such that distant cars don’t disappear so early
Belgian Forest – update trees for new terrain/new treewals and fixed few crowds intersections
Added the California HUD maps
New Palmer JPLM export
New Anhalt exports
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Besos exports
New Loire exports
New Sakitto exports[/toggle]

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