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Published on March 10th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 169 Now Available

The development of Slightly Mad Studio’s Project CARS is well underway and the latest development build is now available for Team Members+ to download and enjoy. This week is set to be one of the best, content filled development builds to date with the addition of 5 new tracks including Donington, Road America, Rouen and Hockenheim which is available in both modern & historic.

Also along with this weeks development build comes many changes to different aspects of the game including all those that were implemented in development builds earlier in the week. Some of the changes include new track and vehicle exports, crowd placement changes at certain locations and much more all detailed below.

[toggle title=”Build Release Notes”]Build 169 (9/3/12, Team Member +)
Adjust grid placement percentages to 80% performance, 20% random
Fix in weather system for restarting a race
Adjusted minimum AI defaults
Fixes for cockpit steering wheel/driver arms anims during AI control and replay playback
HUD display: Fixed rpm bar background colour, added fuel readout
Fixed up Badenring grids and opponent counts
Corrected opponent count for Derby and Wisconsin
Added overall AI difficultly range based on place on grid using 60% position and 40% random to bias the field to stronger drivers at the front.
Removed applinks and data from the profile for old AI sliders
Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
Reinstated use of phase 2 lighting data for trees – this allows headlights to cast onto them correctly
Caterham R500: LODA/B springs added
GUMPERT physics update
Constraint orientation of contact between vehicles is adjusted to help prevent scooping
Added a small range to AI driver minimum default sliders
New Caterham export
New Badenring historic export
New Belgium Forest export
New Loire exports
New Rouen export
Wisconsin Raceway added
Derby GP and National added[/toggle]

Download Build 169 Here

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