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Published on March 2nd, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 164 & Community Gallery 10

Project CARS powered by WMD and developed by Slightly Mad studios currently under the pre-alpha stage of development has a new weekly build available for download, this time available to all members from Junior+. As always this weeks build has many improvements added from the past week of development including the new lighting model previewed a few days ago.

This weeks development build available to all comes with a lot of changes including cockpit glow textures for various cars, 64 grid slots for various tracks, new HUD design and many bug fixes all of which you can read below in the Build Release notes for Build 164.

Download Build 164 Here

[toggle title=”Build Release Notes”]Build 164 (2/3/12, Junior Member+)…g-Expectations

Reduced suspension forces linearly for AI at very low speeds
FFB road noise and force balancing tweaks
Remove custom printf hooks on exit to make sure they’re not called during CRT cleanup
Shadow improvements to work with time of day changing
Add missing default for track order override property.
Tweaked Logitech rumblestrip force
Adding per-car tweakable values for the behaviour of the surface sounds
Weather fix for dynamic particle lighting.
Adjust shadow update threshold
Tyre scrub effect for more capable wheels
Fix for spot shadows
Disabled cloud domes on a toggle
Reduce jolt impact for player to vehicle collisions
Fixed order of in game exit process to prevent the intermittent return to GUI crash caused by particle deletion order. Fixed particle manager cleanup to prevent multiple calls to Reset function
Updated adjustment of friction factors of contacts between vehicles
Computation of relative velocity between vehicles in contact now uses velocities at contact point
HUD: added new minimal HUD
HUD: backgrounds slightly darker
Wtc and sky texture tweaks
Headlights turn off later, wtc edit
Loire texture updates
Ariel Atom 3 – cockpit glow texture
Asano TDX – cockpit glow texture
Asano TDX – Steering wheel glow texture
Caterham R500 – cockpit glow texture
Gumpert Apollo – cockpit glow texture
HUD: fixed broken lap gadgets
HUD: adding laptimes to all HUD variants
Reduced bump amplitude for bumpyroads1 from 2cm to 1.4c
Hide car when rear looking from roof cam
Reduced adrenalin, stamina and concentration effects on AI
Added new HUD fonts
Quick Race and Display screens updated
Updated the TRDs and tracklists to appear in the correct menu order
Fixed Motec display colour
Fix for START button, and support for Min/Max opponent difficulty
Added HUD Motec to a few cars
Reduced headlight range a little
5-10% reduction in tyre force multiplier
Added 64 grid support to AIW. TRD also updated. Tracks: Bologna, Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Short
Improved DX11 tree shaders – increased alpha cut-off to match DX9, and moved alpha test to before dither to ensure it makes best use of alpha to coverage
New Connecticut exports
New Loire exports[/toggle]

Community Gallery 10

Also released this week for Project CARS is one of the most anticipated releases every week apart from the development builds, Project CARS Community gallery #10. This weeks gallery showcases many great photos taken by members as the drive in the sim without the use of effects to the photos. This weeks photos also see the new D0F system added to Project CARS being put into full effect.

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