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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 149 & Community Gallery 8

Project CARS developers Slightly Mad Studios have been busy again to bring team members of the pre-alpha sim the latest of the weekly builds promomised with the team member tool kit. As always the latest build provides team members with many changes and addition to the sim making the experience more pleasurable as it continues its way through the pre-alpha development stage.

This weeks development build for team members see the edition of Loire 24 also known as Le Mans for you to experience and drive ingame. Also with this weeks build came many revisions to different aspects of the game such as force feedback along with many bugs being fixed that were present in the previous builds.

[toggle title=”Check out the Full Changelog”]Build 149 (10/2/12, Team Member +)
Added Loire track
Wheel-to-wheel contact effects are now attenuated according to axial distance from wheel center
Tyre smoke bug fixes
Fix for particles not appearing in mirror (still has draw order badness)
Further reduce distance at which particles get culled in cockpit view
Code cleanup and remove unnecessary front wheel optimization
Revert two previous CLs to speed free camera up again
Revised Logitech G25 ffb config (owners must start new profile)
Disabling gear wobble again. StephenB reporting it makes some cars sound funny
Fixes problem of rapid drop in potential lap time as calculated on the Live Delta hud page
T500 FFB tweaks to spring and average weight
Added Steering Ratio support for per-vehicle steering locks
Changed Aries Car Setup option from Steering Lock to Steering Ratio slider
Disable ‘Steering Lock’ slider in the controller UI
Added -steeringratio command line switch to enable the ratio code
Decision to accept/reject wheel-to-wheel contact is consistent for both affected vehicles
Adjusted computation of axial distance of contact from wheel center
Wheel detach caused by accumulated forces now depends on random chance specified by tweaker
Disabled delayed wheel detach
Kart FFB tuning
HUD telemetry: fixed incorrect scaling of g-force meter
F68: fixed livery names
Revised the load sensitivties and some grip balance, Gumpert, Racer 4, SuperKart
Adjusted the new FFB paramters to a natural feel. Target is to provide good resistance with progreesive lightening into understeer. All cars done
Enabled Formula A mirror in cockpit HUD
HUD: mirror changes (wider, adjusted frame)
Asano X4: added metallic livery support
FFB tyre load multi reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 for Formula B
Formula B: added metallic liveries
New Loire logo and track maps
New Ariel Atom Mugen export
New Formula A export
New California Raceway export[/toggle]

Download Build 149 Here

Community Gallery 8

Also released this week was the latest community gallery for Project CARS. The gallery as always never fails to impress as it provides 39 raw unedited shows showcasing different stunning aspects of the game such as the detail of cars to the stunning scenery of the current tracks still under development.

If you haven’t joined Project CARS yet then there’s never been a better time! New players can experience all these exciting new features and developments themselves for as little as a one-time-only payment of €10 to become a Junior member on the WMD forums. To join WMD and get busy racing the newest version of Project CARS today, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Register on the WMD Forums (
  2. Choose a Toolpack to become a member (starting at €10 for Junior Membership)
  3. Download the new Project CARS build on the downloads page

Membership entitles players to much more than just regular development builds as all members get access to our busy development forums where they can follow the development of Project CARS up close, talk to our developers and contribute to the development. So don’t wait any longer, join WMD today and experience the future of racing simulations yourself!

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