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Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 144 Available

The development team working on Project CARS have been working hard as always to bring us the latest weekly development, this time all members of Project CARS can download the build and enjoy what it has to offer.

The latest build could be seen as the biggest and best build release for Project CARS to date, it includes a bunch of bug fixes and additions to the game such as the new Formula A and many new track exports to include the updates developers have added over the past week. Also added this week is many new force feedback changes as they continue to work on and improve the force feedback system in the game. Check out the full build release notes below along with a download link to the new build.

Some of the Key Features Added:

• Driver animations including leg & fingers micromovement
• Multi-class racing
• Fully-adjustable AI
• Ultra high detail car models
• Reworked UI system
• More powerful Leaderboards system with web access
• Improved versions of various tracks
• New liveries for various cars
• Track map added to HUD
• Physics & graphics updates for various cars
• Race up to 64 AI cars
• Improved setup & controller setting screens
• New legends driver model & helmet
• …and much, much more

[toggle title=”Build Release Notes”]Build 144 (3/2/12, Jnr Member +)
Increased threshold for engine vibe at high speed/revs
Updated run-time creation of wheel collision shape and wheel render mesh setup, so the corresponding actor can be created at wheel offset instead of vehicle origin.
Added wheel shapes (updated according to wheel pose) to vehicle actor to detect wheel-to-wheel contacts.
Added wheel helper shapes to vehicle actor to retain basic collision response for wheels.
Forces and damage resulting from wheel-to-wheel contacts are applied to vehicle.
Added support for factor (specified in data) to adjust the amount of effects applied on wheel-to-wheel contacts.
FFB impact force more authoritative (requires new profile)
Disabled wheel helper shapes.
Threshold for wheel detach caused by damage is now used also for detach caused by wheel-to-wheel contacts.
Fixed intermittent loss of control response (e.g. cycle hud/info).
Restored wheel-to-wheel contacts between AI vehicles.
Added tweakers for wheel contacts
Enable dev pause in all configs
Fix default livery not showing up in menu at first for new profiles.
Game server protocol changes:
– Added support for alternative game server port received from the redirector. This will allow us to switch to Java-only server easily in the future
– The game will now request replies to be in the formatted text format. This argument is ignored by the PHP server as it does not support any other format, but will be required once we switch to the Java server
– Added handling of free trial login replies
Game server protocol changes:
– The game will now request replies to be in the formatted text format. This argument is ignored by the PHP server as it does not support any other format, but will be required once we switch to the Java server.
FFB updates: subtle weight transfer force mixed in. Adjusted grip curve and logic to help with sudden step down of motor response
Stop car and sound effects audio from switching off post-race, since there’s no post-race sequence that requires them to be switched off
FFB: fix for spring force remaining active during locked wheels (bug introduced in my previous checkin)
First pass of code to support new track selection flow
Lowered soft surface roll tweaker to stop cars rolling as easily.
Optimized tyres for the bigger camber angles, Upped brake torque 5% and increaded brake heat to get them in the optimum range more consistently, Change brake glow temp to match 450-500C
Caterham R500: now includes INTERIOR_LADX in ultra detail
Leonus & Racer: add damage replacements for ultra detail
Changes for AI stabilty. Chnaged grips and slip splits for the AI tyres. Adjsuted the damper multi reduction and torque stabilty in the CDF
Dropped AI attempted corner grip usage to help AI.
Formula A tyres tweak.
Formula A lighter steering specular for Fresnel material
Formula A tyres material update, fresnel material added to steering wheel.
Mirror texture tweaked
HUD: Replaced mirror with a rectangular one, added glass over Formula A display
Added physics tweakers for vehicle wheel contacts.
Belgian Forest trees first pass
Added the track maps to the xml and tested they work in game – updated the maps to get the improved green colour that was requested on the bologna map
Boosted the car-car collision sounds further, and dropped some damage ones correspondingly in the FDP
Fixed front right wheel offset for Formula A
Remainder of tyres set to 20C starting temp, Ariel Atoms, Radicals, Caterham, GP1977, Gumpert Apollo
Allow 64 cars at California.
New AIW with new cut tracks, corridors tweaking, and a new raceline recorded with the Formula A at Belgian Forest
Fixes for semi-transparent background, selection, and addition of Cancel button on UI
New Atom 300 export
New Formula A export
New Leonus 86 export
New Racer l4 and V8 export
New Bathurst export
New Begian Forest export
New California Raceway export
New Northampton export

Build 143 (2/2/12, Senior Manager)
FFB: bad var init causing wheel rotation on spawn
FFB oscillation fix
AI UI difficulty tweakers phase 1:
AI config panel and app links
Profile saving/loading of AI config variables
Accessors for AI config variables
Pass proile AI config variables to AI systems
Utilise overall difficulty and aggression in AI systems
Only autoload tuning setup upon entering tuning screen when requested from GUI data.
Physics updates:
Improved low speed tyre model
Adjusted grip point debug screen to show correct state
Fixed CSM mesh rendering correctly with threading changes
Add menu option for controlling camera shake effects
Added LEGENDS driver + driver animations
64 car support at Spa – needs AI work :-)
Steering Lock changed to degrees (was previously percent)
Added Formula A digital HUD display
Formula A: tweaked roof cam position
Initial Pass of the Formula A physics. 740hp, 640kg, aprox 3000lbs downforce @ 150mph. 7 speeds.
Aries – default driving line changed and variations added for when new code is added later.
Formula A – LODX and CPIT tires have 60 segments now instead of 40
Aries – tweaked driving line 04 texture
Formula A – skinned LODC tires, made new CPIT from LODX
Placeholder FormulaA engine sounds are now scaled to match the physics rev range, so it sounds better. Scaling will be removed once the audio/physics match properly
Added placeholder AI engine sounds for the Formula_A. Also fixed R500 using excessive memory and the default settings for non-PC platforms.
1LM11: damage fixes for ultra detail
More changes to the Formula A for accuracy. Dialed in drag, gearing, tyres and blance.
Formula A : tighter grip 1pv, higher sitting driver from 3PV
Added AI sounds for Ariel Atom Mugen and ArielAtom 300
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New X4 export
New LM11 export
New Formula A export
New Leonus 68 and 77 export

Build 142 (1/2/12, Senior Manager)
Added Formula A
Updated animations for 3PV/1PV for the Atoms
Added 64 start spot using the 24 hour (non F1) spots going up the hill and through La Source
BACK button now works on gamepad
ASSIGN control keys now on click/A rather than Square
F68 and F77: Ultra detail fixes
New liveries for the Superkart
Calibration menu tidied up, buttons added to Controls screen to avoid discrepancy betwen mouse and keyboard input
Fix wheel lock selection using mouse and add support for multipe sliders
Fixed ultra vehicle loading
Add jitter tweak GUI option
‘info’ type steering wheels are now static when the ‘wheel/driver in cockpit” option is set to off
Formula A export
Leonus 68 and 77 exports[/toggle]

Download build 144 here


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