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Published on January 27th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 139 Available now

Project CARS, currently in early development stages by Slightly Mad Studios has its weekly update available for team members+ to download. As always this weeks release includes all the changes released throughout the week for other paying ranks in the community.

This weeks build has a lot of force feedback changes to improve the system for more realism. Along with the FFB changes comes many other bug fixes along with many new exports for tracks and cars. Also added this week is the new SuperKart to add to their ever expanding list of kart vehicles and tracks. Check out the full build release notes below on what has been changed over the week along with a download link for the latest build.

[toggle title=”Build Release Notes”]Build 139 (26/1/12, Team Member+)
Added shortcuts for pCARS_WipLag.exe
Tweak FFB self aligning torque algorithm
Added handling of some extreme cases in AI driver steering computation to avoid invalid float value results
Fix for debug rendering under DX11 – the internal shader was failing to compile, causing a crash when used with the input graph
Constant force balancing work
FFB updates to constant force
Further FFB self alignment work
Allow AI at Belgium Forest
New WDF file based off Bologna at Belgian Forest
Skinning and materials tweaks for driver
Increased the leaves density in one of the zones at CH
All LODs finished, minor polishing to the car, vertex AO baked on LODs Caterham
New Kart physics for the new low speed (<13 m/s) tyre model fix. The 126CC Kart was adjusted at Glencairn. The New 250CC Super Kart is a high speed track Kart so was created using Bologna to test. Both Karts were tested with 360 deg lock
Tweaked AI grip and slip angles to make it somewhat drivable for the AI. Super Kart tyre
New Caterham export
New Leonus F86 export
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forrest export
New California Raceway export
New Northampton export

Build 138 (26/1/12, Senior Manager)
Default ffb spring coefficient set to 1.0 on custom/TM wheels
Re-instate driving line support.
Get auto gear box metrics from the local driving aid data
Added pit speed limiter state override when in pit lane
Set initial vehicle path based on spawn location
FFB – centre spring increase
FFB pneumatic trail fix for constant force code
Bologna map checked in
Particle zones added for leaves in the CH GP
Dropped engine inertia per forum feedback. Ariel Atom, Mugen and Caterham 500
New liveries for the Caterham
Add textures for stands (California Raceway)
Asano LM11: fixed steeringwheel pivot
Superkart added to the game
Fixed thumb and skin on driver
New Bathurst export
New Ariel Atom V8
New Asano LM11 TDX export
Enabled E-brake to streetable cars. Set to 75% power. All 3 Ariel Atom versions, Caterham 500, Gumpert Apollo.
Change Ride height adjustment granularity from .25mm to .50 mm. Fixed ride height rake on a few cars. Cars changed: Asano TC, Asano LMP, Formula B, GP1977, GP1986, Racer 4, Racer 8.

Build 137 (25/1/12, Senior Manager)
Removed old slider code specific for ride height, fixes inverted ride height display
Front and rear tyre slip FFB work
Front and rear wing invert display in setup screen
Disable fake particles thrown at player car when it is behind an AI car, as they look crap currently
FFB updates: fixed loss of spring resulting from rear wheel longitudal slip, increased spring during forward weight shift, increased power to constant resulting from vehicle yaw, also modify constant based upon terrain type. Tested with Formula B and Caterham at Connecticut Short with G27.
Minor tweak to FFB weight shift code. Also default average weight to 1.0f
Ariel Atom: updated collision for all three with better fitting shapes. Wheel-tire shapes will be removed once wheel to wheel collisions are enabled.
Updated hands pose, steering(±120º)
-latest rig/skinning updates merged
New physics for the Leonus Cars. Changes made along the line of the latest direction in tyres.
GT driver checked in for the TDX
Full liveries for the Kart

Build 136 (24/1/12, Manager+)
Added caching of old leaderboard ranks. Once GUI files are updated, the ingame leaderboards will automatically start displaying rank delta since 24 hours ago below the current rank.
Update patch number to be available for team members
Enable HUD track map tech for future track maps
Ariel Atom: New ambient shadows and Ultra detail settings for Mugen and V8
Paint UV mapping update on the Kart
Ariel Atoms: reduced max steering lock to prevent suspension from exploding
Northampton texture update
Changes to the base cooling of race slicks. Dropped the initial temps to 20c and the sensitivity to being under temp by 3x. Also removed some grip and downforce of the Formula B along balance to suit.
Cars affected:
Formula_B, Asano LMP, Asano TC
Removed profile deletion from the patch[/toggle]

Download Build 139 here

Get involved with Project CARS today for only 10€ for Junior access, giving access to development builds and access to the busy WMD forum where developers constantly update on their progress from code changes to modeling updates for both cars and tracks. Sign up for Project CARS here today!

Check out BSNismo’s latest video showcasing the new hand animations added to Project CARS along with Silverstone which was added in last weeks build.

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