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Published on January 13th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 129 & Community Gallery 5

Slightly Mad Studio’s WMD powered Project CARS now has the latest of the weekly builds available for team members+ to download and experience. Build 129 comes with many bug fixes and changes to many aspects of the game from Car texture updates to track exports for existing tracks.

[toggle title=”Build Release Notes”]Build 129 (13/1/12, Team Member+)
Added a checkbox to clear your profile to the installer, PLEASE LEAVE THIS CHECKED FOR THIS BUILD, AS PROFILES NEED TO BE DELETED…. – please note: graphics config files are not being affected, so you won’t need to reconfigure your graphics
Wheel convex shape vertices are precomputed on startup
Number of sides to approximate the wheel can be specified by integer, to allow for precision control e.g. machine speed
Freecam rotation now scaled by tan of half-FoV so that zoomed in movement feels appropriate rather than being over-sensitive
Added livery selection
FFB tweaks based upon early feedback (reduce centre spring under driving straight line, boost fine detail a little)
Dialled a little more weight back into the centre spring
Caterham R500: Ultra LOD settings file
Ariel 300, ultra detail: ignore chassis mesh until we reoranize the models
Formula B: reorganized models to allow Ultra detail level
New Formula B export
New California Raceway export

Build 128 (12/1/12, Senior Manager)
Calculation and display of potential best lap time and corresponding live delta
Changed free camera nearZ to 0.1m (was 1.0m)
Fix for app-exit crash when asynchronous stat upload is interrupted
Added protection for null response tex
Ariel Atom: WIP Ultra LADX suspension skinning
Hide the Lap Info pages when in minimal HUD mode
New Bathurst export

Build 127 (11/1/12, Senior Manager)
Disabled sky boost until we can reduce the impact on surrounding areas
Input: Fixed handling of multiple controllers
Ultra highlevel cars for Ariels
Higher emap factor to help with bluey sheen
Bodywork2 emap factor set to 0.8
Data changes to get wind buffeting audio working for open topped cars (can be heard with the Caterham R500)

Build 126 (10/1/12, Manager+)
Filter out duplicate DX11 video modes that have identical integer refresh rates
Add predicted position to hd vehicle during rolling starts
Fixed physics DoubleBuffer class template to be thread-safe

Added max springiness and lateral stiffness per tyre / axle to be passed to tyre deformation code
Envmap sky boost. This includes F1 menu editing (can toggle on and off and modify the multipliers), and support for reading the values from the WDF files
PC installer. Made pCARS to append default folder to non-default install path when using browse
New export of Bathurst

Build 125 (9/1/12, Senior Manager)
Fix for incorrect mouse position in DX11
Updated Caterham Client Vehicle version[/toggle]

Download Build 129 Here

Also released today by Slightly Mad Studios is the community gallery number 5 showcasing raw game captured screenshots by Project CARS members showcasing the beauty of the content currently available in Project CARS. The latest community gallery also comes with a very nice 3D screenshot requiring the Blue and Red glasses to view properly.

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