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Published on December 16th, 2011 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 116 Released

Word of Mass Development powered Project CARS has its latest weekly release is now available for team members + to download and enjoy. As usual this weekly build includes all the changes released throughout the weekly exclusively for other members such as Senior manager etc.

As always this weeks release bring various changes to the already great expanding sim. Many of these changes include known bug fixes, Caterham  texture fixes and many more changes.

[toggle title=”Check out Build 116 Release Notes”]Build 116 (16/12/11, Team Member)
Added Live Delta tech. Live Delta displays a comparison of your lap vs your previous best lap at a particular track location. Now you can see as you drive the course where you gain and lose time vs your previous attempts. May not work for old PBs recorded before 12/12
Live Delta works on both the Current Vs Session and Current Vs Personal data screens and the information for each screen is tracked separately.
Live Delta data files are maintained in the CARS\Records folder.
Probable fix for the sector time message becoming sticky.
HUD Lap Info display default changed to show recent laps. Use TAB to cycle.
Updated save & load process for Live Deltas
Current vs Session may display an incorrect same value of 1:34:567 for all sectors. This is a known bug at certain (HD) resolutions.
New export of Bathurst
Changes for several cars audio to levels, compression curves and parameter settings, some minor crossfade changes, distortion dsp added
All Leonus cars audio – adjustments to levels and exhaust params
Car exhausts and impacts audio – adding in attack parameter to the compression settings to allow make up gain to act as additional volume control boost
Removed the Test Track from Time Trial mode.
Leonus F86: Revised engine heating/cooling so it runs around 110C instead of 165C.

Build 115 (15/12/11, Senior Manager)
Fix to start-up resolution sanity check to allow windowed triple screen rendering in Development builds
Reverted previous Event allocation update after finding an alternative/safer method to this
Caterham: Improved headlights WIP
Caterham: LODX springs fully animated
FormulaB: More forward seat motion

Build 114 (14/12/11, Senior Manager)
Allocate standard Event even if dataSize < eventSize

Build 113 (13/12/11, Manager+)
Fixed a few bugs in the leaderboards
Refined lap info comparison screen

Build 112 (12/12/11, Senior Manager)
Lap Info comparison screen code and data added. Cycle through the various lap and sector info displays, including Session, Personal, World best, Session vs Personal and Personal vs World, use TAB key by default but can be remapped in controller config.
Added HUD_Wait text to textDB
New export of Bathurst[/toggle]

Further Project CARS News, upon searching through the forums for interesting news i came across a new track thread titled Loire 24, known in the real world as Le Mans. The track is still under heavy development, as you can tell this track is a very big under taking for their design team.

Introducing another Track to Project Cars: Loire 24

The Track team have been working on this track behind the scenes for the last few weeks. Clearly the track is rather large and very much still in a prototype/pre-alpha state and will take a while longer before the track is available for testing in the build. But here’s a sneak peek of a track I’m sure our members will be interested in…to show that the team haven’t been resting on their laurels 

There are a number of placed structures in the scene, currently used as reference and placeholders before we work up the final assets that will meet the high quality bar, along with outer terrain and track detailing of course. More progress reports and screenshots will be posted as the track is further developed.

Check out a few of the Screenshots below.


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