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Published on December 9th, 2011 | by Alisdair


Project CARS – Build 111 Release & Gallery

As part of the weekly ritual for WMD powered Project CARS members a new build has been released for download. Build version 111 also includes any updates for other members during the week. Build 111 includes many changes that make the game more smoother including bug fixes and texture updates for certain vehicles.

[toggle title=”Build 111 Release Notes”]Build 111 (9/12/11, Team Member+)
Increased MAX_SUPPORTED_BONES to 72 on 360. Fixed a missing mem file/line call on PC.
Run the new Predevice reset msg handler in the renderer’s FreeDefaultPoolResources call.
Changed installer’s logic when detecting older installs of the game. Clicking “no” now will allow to proceed with installation w/o attempting uninstall first
(will help those with corrupt/removed/moved installations and those wanting multiple installations)

Build 110 (8/12/11, Senior Manager)
Fixed some problems with loading and saving setups (incorrect value ranges for vehicles)
Autoload correct setup when entering tuning screens (particularly from the Events menu), where one is available
Fixed problem where two Caterhams could appear in the Quick Race vehicle selection menu after entering the Eurogamer event
Correctly unload physics participant when leaving the tuning screens via the mouse controller
Fixed a bug with stat jobs being inappropriately canceled
Store and retrieve sector times / on the server
Added default TAB button hooks to controllers and vehicle set for lap info cycling (not yet active)
Replaced tuning menu exit button event with applink

Build 109 (7/12/11, Senior Manager)
Ariel Atom – LODA interior mapping and texturing WIP 2
Ariel Atom – LODA interior mapped and textured. Minor mesh tweaks and smoothing done
Ariel Atom 3 – Interior texture. Initial check in
New Bathurst export

Build 108 (5/12/11, Junior Member+)
Stability fixes for the leaderboards and events screens
Caterham R500: rebaked rear tires and bodywork with fenders removed
Caterham R500: New damper ranges and other setup changes to improve handling.
Caterham R500: New default setup
Caterham R500: Tyre grip improvements
Added LODA details to gearbox on the Atom

Build 107 (5/12/11, Senior Manager)
Remove cached stats connected to assets that are no longer available
Client fix for not displaying correct maintenance message during controlled outages
Fuel consumption enabled in practice and race sessions[/toggle]

Also released earlier this week was a stunning new gallery showcasing a ton of cars in stunning detail from the game. The screen shots were taken by some of the most talented team members from the community, all raw images taken from within the game.

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