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Published on December 2nd, 2011 | by Alisdair


Project CARS Build 106 Available now


It’s Friday that time of the week again, Slightly Mad Studios WMD (World of Mass Development) Powered project CARS has received its weekly update for Team Members to download.

As always the new build comes jammed pack full of new features, fixed and all new cars. But this week is special it also features an exciting competition with a very special reward available.

Caterham R500 Superlight

The new build introduces the Caterham R500 Superlight, a lightweight British sports car that will give you the ride of your life.

Powered by a 263hp engine while weighing just 503 kilos, the car has an extremely favorable power to weigh ratio that results in stunning on-track performance.

Leaderboard Now Live!

The brand-new leader board feature is now live, allowing you to see where you stack up against the best drivers in our community.

Hot laps are automatically transferred to the leaderboard system and can be browsed using car & track filters.

You think you are quick enough to beat the best of the best? Now you can prove it!

[toggle title=”Build 106 Release Notes”]Build 106 (2/12/11, Junior Member+)The new build also features the first event for Project CARS the Euro Gamer Hotlap challenge which is now open. News Coming soon on this. As always this weeks build also features every change made through out the week for different member types such as Senior Manager.

Eurogamer hotlap challenge introduced to the build
Remember the last selected leaderboard gui menu filter (don’t default back to track select). Also fixed bug with blank leaderboard displaying if the user quickly cycled between track config back to original selection
Fix to discover the bottom of the leaderboard is the 0th row when no times have yet been registered
*Light* contact events no longer triggers lap invalidation
Tech hang fix for the tuning slots GUI save button
Restrict AI liveries to race only and randomly pick player livery if not running an hosted event, as they set livery explicitly. Adding EG specific livery as option value 99 and set it in events GUI handler (should ideally be set from server alongside other event info).
Remove back page history after saving a vehicle setup, to correct the Back button flow
Fix for crash when selecting FXAA
Events page countdown timers added
Added astroturf to material ids and cut track legal track test
NVIDIA SLI Fixes. These changes remove all remaining inter-frame dependencies – the end result being that it is no longer necessary to rename to the executable to get proper SLI performance
The change also provides a 4% speedup for DX11 regardless of SLI. (The mipmap generation was generating all face mips per face instead of only individual face mips!)
Caterham: fixed ambient shadow position, fixed exhaust position
Caterham cockpit display checked in
Caterham: changed joint setup to avoid bugs in CPIT view
Caterham: Camera settings tweaked
Caterham: Separate Eurogamer livery added
Caterham: cockpit material changes
Fuel consumption enabled for Time Trial events
Gumpert Apollo S – Interior texture. All new to replace the placeholder.
Tweaks for eurogamer release (exhaust, surface)
Layout fix for back button in setup screen
Gumpert: new placeholder liveries
Events page tidied up with new countdown timers
Ariel Atom 3 loda\b\c + cpit added
Caterham: new ambient shadow
Added astro turf to materials
Event leaderboard now has 8 item
Ariel Atom – LODA interior mapping and texturing WIP 1

Build 105 (1/12/11, Senior Manager)
Caterham R500 added to vehicle list
Caterham R500: suspension skeleton finished. LODC tires. Fixed little issues to allow a basic first export
Caterham R500 Superlight – LODA interior. All mapped and textured
Caterham: UV tweaks, added missing bolts/rivets, added CPIT meshes, Mirror/display UV mapping
Caterham R500: reduced idle throttle so stalling is possible. More aggressive engine braking so it doesn’t hang at high rpm in neutral
Version control added for tracks and vehicles. The server can now instruct the client to purge itself of specific stat records (eg when a track layout changes or vehicle physics are updated)
DX11 fixed incorrect type (FLOAT not FLOAT as an INT!) of MipMapLodBias
Don’t extend the life of a previously cached stat when subsequently accessed (fixes leaderboards not updating on the client when browsing continuously during the leaderboard stat life)
Send track and vehicle asset versions to the server. Must match expected values for stats to be accepted
Fix MSAA interpolant for Fov
More trees added at Bathurst
New exports of Bologna and Connecticut Hill (All varients)

Build 104 (30/11/11, Senior Manager)
Disable Close Contact Avoidance when in pit-lane
Redid main path of California Raceway
Fixed spring setting typo in Left front. Setting didn’t match right front
Gumpert Apollo S – LODA interior mapping + textures WIP 1
DX9 fixed instanced foliage shader to work correctly with alpha coverage
Removed the “[2010]” from the track Variation – Seen in the Leaderboards
Trees updated at Bathurst
New exports of California Raceway, And all Connecticut Hill variants

Build 103 (29/11/11, Manager+)
DX9 tree fixing work 
Reinstated speed and collision shakes
Fixed leaderboards gui vehicle class navigation (crash, duplicates and other weirdness). Also detect when the player car is involved in a collision and do not submit lap record. Finally, do not submit lap record when AI control of the player vehicle has been active during a lap
Leaderboard “find me” button now hooked up and locates the player within the leaderboard. When found, automatically display and “selects” the player entry
More GUMPERT work on cockpit
Changed location from Arizona to Summerton in Records
New TextDB entries for lap invalidation.
More trees and exposures adjusted at Bathurst
Improvements to SETUP, InGameMenu and Loading screens now support Panel interface, multiple other improvements to every other screen
ESC functionality returned to MainMenu
Records tidied up a little more in the loading screen
New Belgium Forrest export

Build 102 (28/11/11, Senior Manager)
Leaderboard GUI is now functional. Friends button ignored until we add social features. Find Me button support code still to come
Leaderboard screen update. Added all applinks, replaced scrollbar with ‘programmer art’ navigation buttons
Added CPIT meshes, AO and LODA Interior to GUMPERT apollo S
Exposure adjusted and fog decreased at Bathurst
New Bathurst export[/toggle]

Source: WMD Portal

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