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Published on January 20th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Project CARS- Ariel Atom V8 & Build 135 Available

Slightly Mad Studios has released the latest weekly development build for Project CARS Team members to enjoy. This weeks update as usual features all of the changes which happened throughout the week for different Project CARS Members levels. This week you can try out the sim with various fixes and additions to the sim which is currently in Alpha Phase of development.

In today’s update you can try out the new V8 powered, 3-liter with more than 500hp Ariel Atom V8 and on the latest track to make it into the sim Northampton also known as Silverstone. Located in central England, the track offers a challenging mix of long straights and tricky corners, making it a perfect place for racing with all kinds of vehicles.

Along with the new content added there was various changes which took place:

  • Extensive physics improvements for various cars
  • New Ariel Atom 300 liveres
  • New versions of Bathurst, Connecticut Hill & Bologna
  • and much more…

[toggle title=”Full Weekly Change Log”]Build 135 (20/1/12, Team Member+)
FFB updates. New spring code, revised rumble strip effects, effects can now be modified by F1 menu.
Expose opponent type selection to GUI.
T500RS wheel spring forces enabled and functional (may require some tuning)
Ariel Atom: All suspension animations finished
Reduced motion blur a little.
Caterham: New liveries added
New physics on Racer cars based on the new tyre direction. Dropped main grip / increased sliding grip. Also even out front and rear base grips and staggered the load sensitivites. Misc chassis balance changes to suit.
Darkened race groove a little.
New export of California Raceway

Build 134 (20/1/12, Team Member+)
Fix for NULL deref that can occur if the stats callback occurs after loading is complete
Ariel Atom Mugen: fixed halfshaft bone orientations
Bumped all vehicle versions ready for stat wipe
More detail changes to the Ariel Atom models. Mostly braking balance, aero drag and a bit more work on the tyres base grip vs sliding grip amounts
New exports of Northampton circuit, Ariel Atom 300 and Mugen

Build 133 (19/1/12, Senior Manager)
Removed hard-coded sync instructions which caused stuttering on DX11 front end
Livery names set back to colour names until liveries are checked in on Caterham
New Atom 300 liveries
New changes to all 3 Ariel Atom versions. Same as previous cars featuring new direction with the tyres and any balance changes need to suit. More control over the peak with a bit more sliding before the peak
New Formula B. Lots of detail changed besides the new tyres. Aero drag a bit too high so re adjusted that down. Also the top gearing was dropped to match the default aero setup better. The brakes were overheating so revamped the cooling parameters and default duct settings. Tested at 360 degrees lock
Slight tweak of the grip for less understeer on Asano X4
Updated pixel shader input
Tweaks to brakes, aero and gearing, Formula B and Asano X4
Tweaks after driving the Leonus F68. Mostly dampers. Removed alot of the slow speed damping and made the high speed more promonent
New Connecticut Hill’s export
New Bologna export
New Bathurst export
Northampton added to the game

Build 132 (18/1/12, Senior Manager)
Fixed the FFB gravel state not working correctly
Atom V8: template fixed (added air intake front)
Livery names update
Fix: RIG: bone name corrections
Atom V8: new collision meshes
Atom 300: QA checks and fixes on all 3 versions. All 3 are Beta1 now

Build 131 (17/1/12, Manager+)
Minor FFB yaw and bump tweaks
Some jolt ffb changes reverted
1Reduced client-side stat & leaderboard cache duration to one minute
Fix for graphics config, whereby it would fail to match up a requested mode in certain circumstances
New Gumpert export
Added 10% more brake torque to each wheel of the Asano
Some new physics. Change to allow more sliding by dropping the base grp considerably, and leaving the sliding grip higher. Also change cornering stiffness and braking stiffness to get the right feel. Lossened the differential up Leonus F68
Added more accurate cut tracks. Left somewhat liberal for curb use up En Rouge and in some of the faster corners with larger runnoffs as it dosen’t affext lap times really. Also added 36 start spots to match a new start graphics placed by the artists

Build 130 (16/1/12, Senior Manager)
FFB updates: raised gear change and brake slopes for balacing reasons. Reduced jolt levels and other constant forces that were too strong. Fixed problem with sudden unexpected force throwing the car off its driving line. Fixed the collision/impact force which wasn’t working. Added steering weight when in gravel. Players MUST press Reset in their controllers panel or start a new profile. Tested on Logitech G27 with 100% Logitech force, 360 degree rotation, 75% in-game controller strength.
Reduced the level before the sounds become virtual, so low RPM/offload engine sounds stay alive even when all volumes are set to low. Also removed the optimisation from PC as the AI swapping is smoother and the cost is minimal.
FFB yaw force increased
Ariel Atom: fixed axis alignment of halfshaft bones. increased droop travel to align things correctly
Ariel Atom 300: Ultra detail now uses chassis_lodx and ignores interior
New changes in an attempt to get more sliding grip once over the peak as noted by Ben Collins. Also balance changes to each chassis if needed. Gumpert also got the grip and downforce lowered.
Cars affected with this release:
Caterham R500
Asano LMP2011
Gumpert Apollo
Vehicle list: Ariel Atom V8 added
Ariel Atom 3: better fitting ambient shadow[/toggle]

Download the latest build Here

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