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Kunos Transitioning netKar Pro to Freeware


Long before developer Kunos Simulazioni was teasing the sim racing world with Assetto Corsa, they had another title, netKar Pro. The title was a bit of an oddity. It didn’t have a lot of content and wasn’t very polished, but that wasn’t it’s objective. It was about physics and that’s were it shined, turning many into Kunos believers.

With that said, netKar Pro hasn’t been updated in nearly four years, and with Assetto Corsa now out and thriving, its time to put netKar out to pastor. Or is it?

While support for the online lobby will expire on December 1, 2015, the title will not die. Kunos has decided to then release it as freeware, allowing anyone to play it…for free. I like free stuff.

While Assetto Corsa has picked up were netKar Pro left off, there are still some features that make netKar Pro worth the download. The biggest is weather. You can race in the rain in netKar Pro, a feature that hasn’t made its way to Assetto Corsa yet.

Serious props to Kunos, a very cool move on their part.

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