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KartSim – Games On Net Interview

KartSim which has recently been in the sim racing news for its postponed beta phase due to many bugs found by main developer and founder Zach Griffin have participated in a very interesting interview with Games On Net where they discuss many aspects of the upcoming karting sim.

The interview with Games On Net goes into details about various aspects of the game and the Inspiration of Zach Griffin to create the Kart Racing game.

What attracted you to karting specifically?

Zach: I’ve watched F1 since 1996 and you always hear of karting being referred to as the sport which taught all the drivers their race craft. Once I finished school, I started racing myself and experienced the excitement of karting first hand in the super tough Clubman Light category. I had always wanted to make a racing game and made initial designs back in 01′, so it was only natural that I combined the two…

They also discuss how challanging it can be using the development tools to create such a unique game, how they accurately recreate the tracks features in the game along with what Zach’s main aims and aspirations for the game are.

What has been the one aspect of the game so far that people have been most positive about?

Zach: The attention to detail both in terms of graphics and the physics model. Whilst both of those elements definitely help with getting people excited about the game, we’ve got the gameplay to keep them excited.

Check out the full in-depth interview on Game On Net Here 

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