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0 Improving the Sound of iRacing

A very interesting news article has been released on iracing inRacing news website discussing the latest process undertaken by iRacing’s developers to improve the sounds of the Sim.

Al thought many people think of realistic Simulators in today’s modern gaming environment many don’t take into account how sound can improve the realism factor of the game through certain aspects such as improved crowd reactions to crashes or even the simple sounds of the road surface.

Check out the article HERE

When we talk about making “sound improvements,” we mean a lot more than simply engine sounds.  For example, we are also adding new environmental and ambient sounds.  Sound improvements could also mean working on existing sounds like the noise created by crashes, the crowd or cars scraping the wall, not to mention spotter messages.  Improvements could also refer to advances in the delivery, mixing and/or streaming of sounds, compatibility with third party products and software, latency, ease of use, adding adjustability and flexibility, access to 3D, supporting various hardware platforms and other audio systems and so on.   Of course, sound improvements could also mean simply adding range and depth to the sounds or adding new effects like echoes in tunnels, making the grandstands “ring” when cars go past or effects like reverb and distance attenuation.  There are all sorts of things that can be done in regard to sound and certainly it is a critical element to your experience in any racing simulation.

The article discusses many of the things iRacing hopes to change with the improved sound such as better crowd and other ambient sounds and the improvement of more spotter messages

A partial list of our “to do” items includes more spotter messages and better overlaying of messages, placing crowd noises and other ambient sounds based on the actual location of 3D objects (grandstands for example), and adding tire “thump” sound when hitting seams or bumps.  We’re also looking at adding more headroom on our sound mixer (so sounds are not so quiet) along with special effects like reverb, echoes, ringing of grandstands and base thumps when cars are close to you, as well as better ways to handle crash sounds.   Also, we’re adding more user flexibility and control of sounds in order to enable you to add more bass, or just turn-up the sounds for example.

Thanks to iRacing community member Fredrik Follestad who posted this screen shot in the ever expanding screen shot library on the iRacing members forum.



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