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Inside Sim Racing – Auto Club Revolution Preview & More

The guys over at Inside Sim Racing have been busy working on interesting video content for the community. This week they have released a few videos from install guides to reviews and previews of many things. Shaun Cole and Darin Gangi both take a look at the GranStand wheel stand and racing rig to provide an interesting review for potential customers in the audience.

his time, it’s a combo.. a wheel stnad that converts into a full size racing rig. This one is by and works with the Logitech , Fanatec and Thrusmaster wheels and pedals. Check out what Darin and Shaun thought about it in this detailed review.

They both also take a look at an up coming game to the PC, Auto Club Revolution but say its strictly only a preview as Auto Club Revolution is still only in closed beta stage so they are not in the position to review a game still under heavy development.

 This sim recently went into a closed beta phase to a select group of individuals. We were lucky enough to get in on that and see some of the features of this new sim by Eutechnyx. The sim will continue to see massive updates throughout its development and offers pc racers a track day type of sim to drive.

Earlier this week the guys at Inside Sim Racing also uploaded a nice guide to inverting the pedals on Fanatec’s new CSR & CSR Elite pedal sets. The video provides a detailed guide on how to invert the fanatec pedals. The pedal inversion kit can be purchased for Dollars on the Fanatec Website

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