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Inside Auto Club Revolution – March 2013

Auto Club Revolution has gone through many changes recently including new content and a brand new home page. In a new blog series on the Auto Club Revolution website the team has gone over in great detail some of the features that will be coming out in the next few weeks.

New penalty system

The first feature to be announced is the new and improved penalty system in the hopes of saying goodbye to those pesky cheaters. The new system is designed to monitor what gain a car has made when leaving the race track, if it calculates a driver has made an advantage it will then calculate and issue a penalty onto the drivers total time.

New network code

After many requests on chat and the forums the team has taken note and made changes to the way the race starts which will eliminate any of the synchronisation issues which led to weirdness during multiplayer races. Also introduces in the last update was host migration which ensures that the person hosting the race has enough network capacity to do so, if the hosts connection isn’t the strongest it will simply speed up loading times by switching host.

Multiplayer changes

Some of the multiplayer changes coming soon include the increase in the frequency of packets being sent between players, ultimately this increases the precision needed in head-to-head duels without increasing the overall amount of data that is being transmitted overall.

Another change includes the introduction of track CPR so that cars that get put into one race are more comparable in track-specific performance. For example a car with high top speed but low acceleration will have a high CPR on L.A. River than a car with lower top speed but better acceleration due to the importance on top speed around this track.

New skill rating

The last feature but certainly not least is the newly developed skill rating system which will help to make the matchmaking more fitting. The skill rating will look at all players’ records and predict a ranking for who will do the fast lap and in which order the race will finish.

If you are hitting your prediction placed, then your skill rating will go up. If you don’t reach the predicted place then unfortunately your skill rating will go down. The third factor is clean racing, if you hit a lot of walls or other opponents then your skill rating will reflect that and go down.

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