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iGP Manager – Q2 Patch & Feature List Information

The iGP development team has announced that latest Q2 patch details and what key features and changes we can expect in the patch due to be released this July.

The update is said to largely focus on the off-track managerial experience, with a revision of existing features and mobile support for the iGP manager website

The new car design system and supplier variations will generate the most noticeable change in approach to a season. To help managers stay informed about the inner workings of their team the improved notifications system will continually notify of key information and events, such as design progress, race preparation, contract signing and renewal and more.

Key features

  • Mobile version of iGP Manager
    Will not include 2D viewer or live controls, yet. This initial mobile port will be of the general team management interfaces with the aim of porting the viewer and live controls later in the year.
  • New car design system
    Targeting an increased variety of approaches to car and component design. Intended to avoid the current scenario where everyone follows the same general design pattern.
  • Supplier attributes & requirements
    Each supplier will come with a unique set of attributes, bonuses and requirements that appeal to different kinds of teams and scenarios. This will require a total reset of all supplier contracts to come in to effect. As with the design system, this is intended to encourage a variety of approaches throughout the grid without hindering competitiveness.
  • Improved notifications system
    The revisions to this area will make the notifications system more visible, whilst covering a broader scope of topics. There will be options to choose what appears in your notification stream. These notices will bring important situations as well as reminders to your attention. The current race preparation checklist will be removed and merged in to this system.
  • Improved achievements system
    Revisions to the existing achievements system and dozens of new achievements to be unlocked.

Other features

  • Revised home page with improved visuals and more targeted information
  • Re-enable practice lap times
  • Include a ‘mistake’ value with all lap timing data, indicating any driver error associated with a practice, qualifying or race lap. This will help to identify inconsistencies in driver performance and make practice lap times more meaningful when re-enabled.
  • Staff and driver images redrawn for better visuals
  • For use by Moderators / Admins only: Advanced race control, allowing us to respond more quickly and efficiently in situations where races may need postponing. The outcome of this should see less delays and less significant side-effects if/when they do arise.
  • Complete redesign of iGPManager.com including a promotional video ideal for introducing friends to iGP Manager

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