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iGP Manager – New Design System Preview & Update

iGP Manager developers have announced the exciting news that a new design system is coming as shown in the recent screenshot released. The team initially set out to redesign this important section of the browser-based title and took the decision to start with a clean sheet before completely rethinking every aspect of the design process.

With the new design system cars will now be ranked on performance characteristics instead of components used in the current design system. The new attributes include: Acceleration, Braking, Cooling, Downforce, Fuel economy, Handling, Innovation, Reliability, and Tyre economy.

Certain attributes will be better suited to certain tracks, meaning a winning car at Monaco is not going to be the best package at Monza. Some characteristics will even work better in the wet than the dry, leaving the realistic chance that a dominant car at the start of a dry race will be outpaced by a backmarker in wet conditions. Every race weekend will have some surprises on the timesheet based on who has the car best suited to that weekends track!

With this change to performance attributes there will also be a change with the job function of the chief designer position.  Every chief designer now has a “strength” and “weakness” value associated with the different areas of the car which they are specifically good or bad at designing.

If you want to target an area of performance in your car for the next season you will now need to hire a designer with that particular strength. As a manager you can no longer directly influence the next season car performance but instead will be given a platform to start the season with by your design team. The biggest influence a manager can have is to select a chief designer with strengths and weaknesses that they would prefer to start the season with, and these will be reflected in the design of the new car.

The interface to specifically design components for your car has received a complete overhaul as well.  New component designs are now researched and constructed via the creation and completion of ‘Design projects’. There are short, medium and long term design projects available and each has a price associated with it.

Long term projects have the biggest gains but take the longest to arrive while short term projects can arrive in time for the next race even if you start a project mid “race week”. Medium term projects take about one “race week” to complete. The price for design projects also go up with the term with the long-term projects delivering the best “bang for buck” overall. The system is flexible enough that if you want to develop something immediately, either for a specific circuit or to fix a flaw from the last race, you can design a short-term upgrade in time for the next race.

For such a small but key part of the title it took so long for them to develop it however as you can see a small section of above the developers gave an excellent insight into the work and how things operate in the design system all of which can be read here at their website. A beta version of the new design system is making its way to testing this weekend with feedback coming from their testers. No date of release has been set yet however we hope to see its release in the coming months.

Source: iGP Manager Blog

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