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HE Sim Pedals By Niels Heusinkveld Details & Overview

Overall Physics guru and physics developer for Reiza Studios Niels Heusinkveld has released his very own professional pedal set known as the HE Sim Pedals.

The pedals have been designed using a CAD system along with complex calculations to predict all the forces felt by a driver that way bringing an astonishing 95% accuracy.

Some of the common features of all three pedals:

  • CNC laser cut stainless steel ultra-strong, stiff and durable construction
  • No wearing potentiometers or sensitive hall sensors
  • Load cells on all 3 pedals for excellent durability and linearity with no moving parts
  • 12 bit (4096 step) electronics (actual range depends on pedal travel and desired brake force)
  • Adjustable travel by independently adjustable ‘up’ and ‘down’ stops
  • Adjustable damping on all pedals
  • Greatly adjustable pedal feel and required effort
  • Adjustable pedal face ‘upright’ angle -3, 0 and 3 degrees
  • Adjustable pedal height in 5 steps for foot size 5 to 13
  • Solid individual cables from pedal to electronics box

More in-depth information available here

Prices vary for what you are looking for: A set containing only the Throttle and brake pedals will set you back around € 799, a set including the throttle, brake and clutch pedals is € 1149. A 50% deposit is required upon order and the remaining 50% must be paid before shipping.

Along with the main pedals you will also receive 128 bit USB electronics and cables, 3 throttle springs and 9 brake rubbers will also be included for 15+ possible response curves.

Buyers from the European Union have to add 21% VAT. Other countries most likely don’t pay VAT to me, but are likely to pay import duties + VAT to the customs. Prices exclude shipping costs.

Note that dampers cost € 130 (ex VAT) each. Wear rate depends greatly on the style and frequency of use as well as the damper stiffness used. I can’t provide warranty on the dampers. Springs, rubbers, load cells and bearings are replaceable, contact me for price estimates.
Naturally a printed manual will be included, clearly explaining how to adjust each pedal


  • Interested or got a question? Contact me at info@h-engineering.nl
  • After gathering the orders I’ll order remaining parts and assemble your pedals
  • Some of these parts may require a long time before they are delivered which is why:
  • Estimated shipping of your pedals is January 2013

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