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Published on October 15th, 2011 | by Alisdair


Game Stock Car – Patch & Track Pack

Reiza Studios today released two important updates for Game Stock Car. The patch will be available for all the digital versions of the game to version V1.70 and along with the patch  will add six brand new layouts to the game.



  • Added support for G27 LEDs;
  • Fixed bug that could cause Game to freeze in multiplayer when going from qualifying to race;
  • Fixed bug that could cause game to freeze at the end of the track loading screen;
  • Fixed warm-up functionality in multiplayer (even though the real Stock Car series dont run a sunday warmup);
  • Updated D3D9.dll do minimize issues with some OSD display tools (such as FRAPs);
  • Added in-game support for custom skins (in showroom menu);
  • Fixed some UI glitches;
  • Added support for 3rd Spring settings in Garage 2 (for future add-on cars);
  • Added series selection option in main menu (for future add-on cars);


  • Removed rule that forced a pitstop before lap 20;
  • Adjusted parc ferme rules to allow fuel and brake adjustments before race;
  • Increased formation lap speed to 100 km/h;
  • Corrected maximum refueling capacity at pitstops to 35l (as per real refuelling tanks);


  • Accuracy of fuel consumption estimate improved in several tracks;
  • Adjusted cutting detection at Salvador chicane;
  • Various AIW improvements;
  • Fixed no speed limit indication at Santa Cruz;
  • Fixed mesh hole inside the S of Londrina;
  • Several adjustments to minor graphical glitches.


  • Fixed Thiago Marques skin;


  • Several small adjustments to perfect handling accuracy following new data and driver feedback – better braking stability, less chance to lock the wheels under braking, smoother traction, improved turn-in grip, better cold tire behavior (despite changes, laptimes are expected to remain the same);
  • Added AI tire wear;
  • Fixed problem that could cause some PCs to slow down at slow speed;


  • Lowered minimum volume for opponent´s engines;


  • Added support for french language;
  • Fixed some errors in portuguese and english translations.

Game Stock Car is the official game of the main brazilian motorsport series. Developed with the support of actual teams and drivers, Game Stock Car accurately simulates the  2010 season, with 34 cars and teams racing around the country.

If you haven’t purchased Game Stock Car yet you can pick it up for less than $30 at the GSC site.

Download the Official GSC v1.70 Patch here
Download the Official GSC Track Pack here

Thanks for Race department for the download links.

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