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Published on July 12th, 2012 | by Alisdair


F1 2012 – New Interview With Stephen Hood Reveals Various Details

Online website spong.com recently conducted an interview with Stephen Hood creative director of F1 2012 developed by Codemasters. As you guess from Stephen’s title the online website conducted a lengthy interview surrounding the top of F1 2012, the third iteration of the F1 title to be developed by Codemasters.

During the interview with Stephen we learn various different pieces of information about F1 2012 including the first steps of the game which will take place in Abu Dhabi with the young drivers test in which you, the driver will be testing and shown the basic controls.

F1 2012 isn’t scary because we’re going to hold your hand from the beginning. So, right from the start of the game when you fire it up, we go from the introduction sequence, which is commentator David Croft talking about drivers testing in Abu Dhabi, and then the player testing (will be) over a period of two days in game time.

Then we’re showing the player what the basic controls are: this is how you drive the car, do some simple tests then from that point forward we assume that you’re past the basics and you can go into front-end play whenever you want.

Another thing discussed that will be sure to go down well with the online league players, online is said to be improved and polished up to help against the bad connections and issues faced by players rather than the developers saying they are happy with the existing multiplayer code and pushing ahead to add new features to entice in new players.

So, we’re trying to improve our network code so that we can account for these inconsistencies in connection quality. This will provide a better experience as I think most developers, and we’ve been guilty of this in the past as well, feel under pressure to add stuff to every aspect of the game, when you can just polish aspects of it instead.

Check Out The Full Interview Here

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