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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Ben


Empty Box – Formula Truck 2013 Update

Empty Box has released this video on you tube showing off the new 2013 update for Reiza Studio’s Formula Truck.

You can check out more from Empty Box by visiting his you tube channel here

Heres the mini review Empty Box has written for Formula Truck 2013

Newly released update to Formula Truck is a standalone featuring the 2013, it brings some new trucks and a couple new tracks. For owners of Formula Truck (the 2012 season) it’s a free update. More below. Update went live today, but as a Formula Truck owner, I’ve been playing it for a little bit already.

Formula Truck is an interesting sim. Long story made short, I’d suggest Formula Truck 2013 to a experienced sim racer looking for something “different”. While it is fun as can be, while it’s done to Reiza standards, I personally cannot get into the trucks that much. I don’t get the same joy out of driving these things as I do a 500hp GT car. It’s a riot, but I have to be craving some silly racing. For the newer sim racer, I’d suggest Game Stock Car 2012. If you are experienced, pick it up and have some fun – and support a developer making games for our stupidly small sub genre at the same time.

Now, for the long answer.

I spend most of my time with it offline, racing with the AI. It’s where it’s at it’s best IMHO. This race was without any assists (as some of you may know I typically use Invincibility in Gm2 sims due to erratic AI, not here) – the trucks are just FUN to drive, but not really “exciting” due to their slowness. However, it’s fun to just bump into people, throw the weight around – relax. I’m not saying it’s Grid, but for a sim racer, it sort of is like that. It’s ridiculously fun, and quite silly. It really is awesome.

But, again, I don’t really enjoy driving these things. It’s a different type of “fun”.

As for the 2013 update, it does bring a couple new trucks, though you will find they are fairly similar driving wise. While it adds two new tracks, both are already in GSC2012.

However, that isn’t a disappointment; the biggest wow factor – and one you will NOT notice on Youtube – is the improved graphics. I followed this update pretty closely (I like Reiza, what can I say?) I was never impressed by their previews. It looked like Formula Truck (2012) – however, in motion, on my monitor, without compression or any of that, there is a difference. You can really see they put time into not necessarily reinventing the Gm2 wheel, but making it look good for what it is. It isn’t flashy, but it looks good.

It’s sufficient, it is no longer screaming 2005. I’ve always suffered lack of immersion on this engine. The textures usually have no texture, it feels flat, the tracks look… odd. However, FT13 is a very nice step towards that. While obviously not up to iRacing / rF2 Silverstone / pCars level, it does the job. The small things DO matter to immersion. Though, Reiza gets a cookie for the level of detail – one of the trucks actually has zip ties on the steering wheel which yes, you can actually see from the outside. That is just silly detail, but really cool. As a sim racer, you are probably a nerd of some level, and you probably think stuff like that 95% of the people in the world would say “who cares” to is cool. Because it is!

There is one other thing. (Reiza Fanboy mode!) Formula Truck is their second title released, after Game Stock Car. Much like GSC, FT received a FREE update for owners of the original for the next season after the main release. New cars, new tracks, updated stuff. They didn’t ask for a penny from us for this update if you already owned the original FT. I don’t know about you, but that is awesome.

Should you get it?

If you are a (semi) serious sim racer who knows their way around most of these sims, go for it. It’s unlike anything else, it’s in high quality. Yes, it’s still Gm2, but it’s never been better. Need I remind you guys of GTR1 which was also released on an outdated engine? It’s fun as can be powersliding 5 tons around! Plus they support they have supported both their titles fairly well by all accounts. In the small sim racing world, I feel that deserves something.

If you are a new sim racer though, I’d say no – unless you are a big fan of these things. While they are fun, while it is in high quality – I feel like these trucks are so backwards from what most of us race most of the time. It’s “too unique” I feel to fill this category. They are easy to drive with experience, but not so much when you are new. Plus, most people want to drive race cars. Fast, sharp, pointy things. Not… lumbering “holy wtf this thing is going how fast can’t stop” things. Like I usually say, if you are new and can only go for one sim, make it Game Stock Car.

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  • Guy Moulton

    Reiza does good work, but i wish they would get out of the business of selling rFactor 1 mods and move to a current gen platform. Only get this or GSC if a 2005 game is what you want. Time to jump into 2014, Reiza!

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