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Published on December 11th, 2011 | by Alisdair


Dirt Showdown – Less Dirt, More showdown

Ever imagined a brilliant game based on Arcade Thrills, Spills and destruction? Well now the wishing is over Codemasters have released fresh information for the latest title in the Dirt franchise series, Dirt Showdown.

Dirt Showdown is a brand new dive in and drive adrenaline rush of speed, style and destruction which is sure to impress as the latest addition to the ever growing Dirt franchise by Codemasters. There will be three types of racing on offer. Those include Smash Hunters, where smashing objects within a certain item limit is the main objective. Trick rush, where performing stunts for points is the main objective and finally Head 2 Head, a trick gauntlet where you take on an opponent to compete for the highest score.

Asides from the tricks there are also other standard style races such as Lap Attack, Eliminator and Domination. Finally the most exciting events are Demolition. These game modes include rampage, a game mode where your main objective is to try and destroy all other cars, Hard Target where you have to try to escape the other cars and King of the Ring where all the cars race towards a central point, meeting in one massive and spectacular crash.

All the modes mentions above will be available in Career mode and for multiplayer fun, they will also be available in Joyride mode which is a mission based mode that greatly ties into Showdown’s new social features. The new social features allow you to send challenges to friends wither its a race or to beat your leaderboard time.

Check out the trailer below

Gamespot had an exclusive brief hands-on with a very early version of Showdown, heres what they had to say:

We grabbed a brief hands-on with a very early version of Showdown, which featured a Baha racing circuit and a Destruction arena. Visually, there was little to differentiate Showdown from Dirt 3 at first glance, barring some enhanced details in the crowds and more in-your-face lighting effects from the fireworks that punctuated leaps we took off ramps. More noticeable was the handling of the cars, which felt very different. Whereas Dirt 3 required some practice just to get a car around a corner smoothly, here it was much easier to keep them on the track. The handling was very forgiving, even on the dusty Baha track, with our buggy hugging each corner and letting us pull off some impressive-looking drifts.

The Destruction arena let us get a taste of Showdown’s multiplayer as we competed in an eight-player Rampage. Each car was launched into the center of a circular arena, where we inevitably smashed into each other, sending shards of debris flying through the air. Our goal was to smash our opponents as much as possible, with points awarded to us depending on how much damage we did. The small, enclosed circuit meant we were always in contact with another player, and before long our car had become a crumbling wreck, with a scrunched-up hood, missing wing sections, and a boot that flopped around as we drove around the arena. Eventually, our car gave out altogether, causing the wheels to fly off and forcing us to enter the arena with a new car.

Dirt showdown is still in the early stages of development but will be released in 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source – IGN

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