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Published on May 24th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Dirt Showdown – First Look

Codemasters announced a few months back the latest addition to the renowned Dirt series, titled Dirt Showdown. This title however is not like the traditional Dirt series games but instead focusing on an Arcade racing style with the main emphasis being placed on demolition and overall fun racing.

Recently i had the great opportunity to try out Dirt Showdown, although the game in which i was testing was still under the classification of preview code it still provided a great, stable environment in which to provide you with a hands on look at the game and what it features.

With the main emphasis of Dirt Showdown being placed on the fun factor of racing and destruction we knew straight away that the game modes were sure to provide us with endless fun of crashing into other opponents, something which goes against everything we have learned as sim racers.

The game that is Dirt Showdown features a variety of purpose-built courses, as a result bringing some excellent locations designed to bring you extra thrills while smashing into your opponents. One of such tracks features a large elevated platform in which the player can launch their chosen vehicle into the platform via eight access ramps around the outside. Points are awarded for knocking your unlucky opponent off the platform.

However before you race remember this game isn’t about the racing line and who can make it around the circuit fastest but who can top the event with most points. Every custom-built track features something not many conventional racing games on today’s market feature with everything from roadblocks, barriers and ramps being thrown into the racing line giving you some thrilling ways to escape the closing wrath of your opponent. Some even aiding in your opponents desperate plea to take you out such as that of the 8 ball game mode in which the track allow for yourself or your opponent to be easily T-boned if caught in the crossover zone.

A part of Dirt Showdown which was a real selling point for myself is the graphics. Dirt Showdown uses Codemasters Ego 2 Engine to provide a stunning graphical environment from the track detail to the special effects that are present around the track such as the fireworks after winning a race.

Dirt Showdown also has other game modes such as Gymkhana which has remained in the game after its successful introduction in Dirt 3 and still features the fast paces, fun and challenging style while introducing a new head to head aspect to the game mode adding extra pressure as you race your opponent to the finishing line.

Throughout Dirt Showdown it is apparent how the developers have placed the main emphasis on adopting an Arcade racer feel with overall fun and demolition being the key themes of the game. Although in our preview code we never had the chance to test Multiplayer, throughout our time playing against the aggressive AI it gave the impression of how battles could rage between groups of friends online as they battle it out for top spot and bragging rights.

Some Notable points of Dirt Showdown

  • Easy to Navigate User Interface
  • Environmental Effects provide a great racing atmosphere
  • Ego 2 engine provides stunning graphics
  • Variety of Game modes
  • Excellent Damage Model

Get your copy of Dirt Showdown today! 

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