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CXC Simulations – Testing the Oculus Rift

A Video has been released of a CXC Simulations Engineer testing out the new Oculus Rift on a Motion pro 2. There has been some buzz in the sim racing community since the Oculus Rift was announced after it successful Kickstarter campaign back in september.

The idea that we will be able to immerse ourselves into our sim racing titles is an exciting one, at the moment most sim racers go triple screen but it can work out expensive.

The Oculus Rift is priced at $300 dollars and has the potential to immerse us even further and at a cheaper price than a decent triple screen setup, but there is a drawback that has been pointed out by the sim racing community the fact is you wont be able to see anything outside the game i.e. button box and shifter.

Is this a game breaker for you or is it a trade-off you could live without for the immersion you will be getting in return? whatever side of the fence you are on you have to admit its an exciting concept for sim racing.

CXC Simulations

Oculus Rift

Check out the video.


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    It’s like fantasy. I don’t understand how that works at all, but it’s probably just something simple like a mini hi res holographic display in a modified helmet. Otherwise it won’t be that cheap.

    Does it matter that you won’t be able to see the buttonbox or whatever you use? The only moment I watch at my equipment is when I am in a pitstop. I trained myself to use everything without watching, like blind typing, so I can concentrate more on the track and try not to hit anyone. Any hardware with display you use is easily to solve with just some software and there will be probably an extra feature to solve this problem when there is a new version of it if the first version works and when it is on the market.

    I’m optimistic about it but I don’t think it will be really that cheap, it’s a tech that no one has ever used before for simracing.

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