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Automaniax Porsche Online Title Coming Soon

Recently an interesting website appears, called Automaniax. Previous to the website being revealed and reported by the community, a video appeared on the Fanatec YouTube channel showing the wheels in action at the Hockenheim rim. The drivers testing the sim, Porsche cup driver, however the sim they were playing was not mentioned.

Automaniax Porsche Online is said to be going into closed beta by the end of April. The sim is said to provide a new race experience online with real cars, real track and real motorsports which will be all free to play. Also found on the Rage3D forums was some interesting information that the game is in development with Porsche and they plan on picking up other licenses. The game is said to feature online multiplayer, different calls, events, clubs series racing and all sorts of community things.

Rage3D Forum:

It’s a full simulation game in development with Porsche currently and they plan on picking up other makes and licenses, it’s supposed to be a continually expanding online racing community (according to one of the devs)

I was at the new Porsche boxster launch this week and they had 4 sim units set up. Was very nice and felt very good, very realistic, amazing sounds and great models. The only car available was the gt3 cup and it was on hockenheim but I was very impressed.

The race had 24 cars on track at once and the graphics were quite good.

Going to keep an eye on this, supposedly it will be free to play and include online mp, clubs, different classes and events, series racing, all sorts of community things.

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