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Auto Club Revolution – Patch Introduces Focus RS & Victoria Harbour

The Free-To-Play PC based game Auto Club Revolution developed by Eutechnyx recently received the latest weekly patch addressing various issues with the open-beta title.

This weeks patch not only brought changes to various parts of the game and the way it performance but also introduced two new pieces of content to the players future inventory of cars and tracks. This week saw the Ford Focus RS introduced to the long list of cars along with Victoria Harbour Quayside  expanding the list of tracks available to the player.

The Ford Focus RS sits among our Class C line up of cars and comes with an impressive 323 VPR standard. This front-wheel-drive powerhouse is as nimble as it is fast, and will tear around the trickiest of tracks with ease.

[toggle title=”More Information On Patch Release Notes Here”]Today’s patch consisted of the following updates:

Main updates:
– New track launch: Victoria Harbour Quayside
– New car launched: Ford Focus RS
– New user registration process introduced
– Introduced new starter pack: Extra Large

– Fixed cars which have a performance upgrade restriction being able to gain upgrades (using multiple tabs) Showroom
– Showroom Filter functionality fixed to work hierarchically

– Leaderboards now filter to Circuit de Spa by default and (on the race time tab), 3 laps
– Remove the “Any” option from laps and track
– Add delay to the leaderboards page when choosing a filter
– Optimisations to leaderboard data retrieval
– Check for negative lap counts and log when detected

– Friend chat now available when in lobby

– New unity players that will load decals using hashes from the server hash map
– Fixes to unity switcher on Showroom, Profile and Homepage

– Added facility to unlike posts, cars and statuses.
– Fixed existing issues with like system
– Can’t spam like button on cars anymore
– Stopped post liking and disliking invalidating post cache.
– Fixes for German password reset email

– Fix to stop right of page disappearing in small browser windows
– Fix for broken images in various places (e.g. rank icons in race results)
– Many browser compatibility fixes made for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and Firefox
– Changed banned dialog header to the far more sensible “Notice”.
– News page split into internal and external ones so that context appropriate content can be displayed
– Added personal best images for Indianapolis Bike and Road courses.

– Grid Order is now random again
– Fixed backfire on various cars including the Lotus Europa SE
– Chase and Long Chase cameras no longer try and position themselves below the car when it flips.
– When camera intersects floor now switch camera view to Chase until the intersection stops then restore to previous camera
– Replay cameras fixed on all tracks now static cameras will be used from the start of the lap instead of coming in part way round
– Various crash fixes

– Fixed problem with steering wheel calibration when controller config run for second time.[/toggle]

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