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Auto Club Revolution – New Patch Released & Lotus Evora S Added

Eutechnyx has released the latest weekly patch for their free open beta PC racer Auto Club Revolution. This weeks patch introduces a whole bunch of fixes to the game along with an exciting new car available to all.

The latest content to be added to the open beta title is the Lotus Evora S. Along with the new content came various bug fixes and fixes to the game advancing it through the open beta development stage to bring it one step closer to release. Check out the full list of changes below.


  • Fixed various issues in the unity players with rendering cars


  • New players to load vinyls with hash on filename, fixed the square decal not showing


  • Lobby invites fixed – removed some vestigial code from back when invites had a confirm pop-up
  • Various fixes for Hangout flood messages
  • Fixed some payout issues and some issues preventing users from racing

[Styling Suite]

  • Colour dropper now updates Colour Picker widget and not just swatch
  • Relevant navigation arrow now turns grey when selected tab is furthest left or right
  • Fixed being able to save bespoke liveries to save slots

[Upgrade Shop]

  • Fixed there being an increase in VPR greater than that shown when upgrading past clutch boundaries.
  • Fix for ‘replacing’ upgrades like tyres showing the wrong messaging when switching

[Paint Shop]

  • Fixed being able to paint the ‘wrong’ car when having multiple tabs open and switching cars


  • Enabled links on wall posts. Made new friend, new car, and profile updated posts have links in them (not applied retrospectively)
  • Fix issue on /home where the calendar widget placed a small <div> tag at the bottom of the page, causing a rendering glitch.
  • Optimisations to the wall system to speed up wall posts and the home page in general
  • Stop the car challenges dropdown from appearing if there aren’t any car challenges


  • Changed date formatting on car collection tooltip to be language specific.
  • Stop disabled send message button bringing up message dialog.
  • When users specify a star car, this change is now reflected immediately.


  • Many fixes technical fixes to speed the site in general
  • Various fixes for firefox browsers
  • Remove close button on friend request sent and friend removed result dialogs.
  • Stop user being able to spam the friend accept button

[Race Pins]

  • Fixed Winning is my language pin
  • Fixed Pearlescent Paint Challenge
  • Should award no time for the slow when we have lapped at least one, not two other racers
  • Fix for obtaining the Automotive Artist pin
  • Fix for the starting a masterpiece achievement

Numerous smaller fixes and tweaks introduced to the site.

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