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Auto Club Revolution Hits Open Beta

Eutechnyx have worked hard over the past few months bringing us constant updates from bug fixes to new content such as the recent addition of Daytona to Auto Club Revolution. Well now that has all paid off as Auto Club Revolution has officially entered Open beta stages.

Auto Club Revolution is now free to play for anyone online, beware there will still be bugs present as the game is still only in open beta phase. With the open beta phase unfortunately those who took part in the closed beta had their accounts wiped but received a few perks to get you on your merry way racing all the new players.

Along with the open beta release came a new update for those who have been part of the closed beta which fixes various bugs and also sadly removed Daytona International Speedway but it will be back, it has only been removed for optimization. Be sure to check out the full release notes below

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[toggle title=”Open Beta Release Notes”]Features and Content

Players who participated in the closed beta will receive rewards based on how much they have contributed to closed beta. These rewards will be delivered via the gifting system (which uses the player’s inbox) (see FAQ below for detail)
Game progression has been updated based on user feedback to improve player experience at specific stages of the game
Players may now configure a VPR range for cars that are allowed to enter a race
Cars will no longer change class as they have their VPR upgraded
We’ve enhanced account security and players must now reset their password when they first try to log in after this patch (see FAQ below for detail)
The E-Bucks currency has been added as well as the facility for players to purchase E-Bucks and use them.
All closed beta accounts have been wiped in the move to open beta
When logged in to the website a download panel will display on the right side of the website. This panel shows the status of downloads, including core game files and files for each track

Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
Various cars have had their VPR updated and some cars may have moved class as a result of an update to their VPR
The Daytona track has been removed temporarily for optimisation, it will be returning soon!
Race payouts will now be credited to the player’s account faster after the end of a race, all racers no longer have to finish a race before payouts are awarded
LA River Sprint now displays track length
Multiple fixes to lobby/race results updates
Players will no longer see ‘click to race’ messages in Hangout Chat while they are viewing chat in the lobby
We’ve fixed usernames being cut off in the race results screen
Tracks appearing in drop down menus (e.g. when setting up a race) will now appear alphabetically
Penalties selection box has been removed when creating a Time Trial
New ‘going shopping’ race pin added
Multiple improvements to the Workshop to make loading and displaying cars more reliable and faster
Various updates to the Workshop
Updates and fixed to colours/colour names
Various Unity and functionality updates
Fixed issue which occasionally resulted in car select not working on Workshop page
Updates made to car wireframe images displayed on upgrade screens
Fixed issue that caused livery not to overwrite an old version when being saved with the same name
Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer and Firefox
Players can no longer log in from the home page – the home page login button will take players to a secure login page
Friend search box has been modified to search as you type
Multiple new Tool Tips added to various sections of the website, just hover over the object you’d like to learn more about
Various profile updates
Flags have been updated
Avatar uploads must now be in PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP format
Formatting and presentation updates made to the Public Profile page
The page tour has been updated to show new content – be sure to read through the page tours the first time you log in to avoid missing anything!
Received chat messages will now remain highlighted until they are read
In total 450 minor bugs fixed across the website/game.


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