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Published on June 29th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Assetto Corsa – Submit Your Questions

Various licenses and teaser shots have been released over the past few months  since the great announcement of Assetto Corsa by Kunos simulazioni. Recently a great opportunity arose giving sim news daily the chance to submit some interview questions forward to the Assetto Corsa development team.

This is where you, the community play a crucial role as i have taken the decision that im not going to think up the interview questions, instead you the community can submit questions below in the comment section. This means that a wide variety of questions will be available making it easier for me to simply choose some of the best and most important questions to submit for the interview while producing a successful review that will hopefully answer all or at least most of the questions that the community has.

If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments and after a few days i will have a good look through them and choose out what i feel to be some of the best appropriate questions before i send them off to the development team.

See a question in the comments below that you think should most definitely be asked or you have the exact same question to ask then simply give the comment a like and it will let me know that the question if popular and should be taken into consideration as a potential interview question.

About the Author

Alisdair is the founder of Sim News Daily. An all round sim racing fan with a real passion for cars a motor racing. Twitter: @SimNewsDailycom

  • Pete Aron

    When will 24/7 multiplayer be ready in an AC maintained lobby that features multipul cars and tracks?

  • As

    demo in 2012 to test multiplayer with low content? to keep us busy and test the multiplayer (looking back at nkpro)?

  • FLX1981

    I have two questions:

    1. How will the integrated modding for AC work, what tools will people get?
    2. Whats the hardest part to make in AC, what features they want to have are giving them the biggest challenge to overcome and what are they the most proud of because they got it “just right”?

    Cheers, great offer – appreciate it! :)

  • Mosmans

    1. Will there be an equivalent to iRacing’s iRating/SR? Especially iRating gives people and incentive to finish random online pick up races. 
    2. How many cars will be supported in MP?
    3. Will there be driver swaps?
    4. Will AC have a dynamic surface, with rubbel build up like rF2? 
    5. Will changeable weather be included in the first release? If not, will it be added later?
    6. What feature from AC will make AC stand out compared to the competitors rF2/iRacing/GTR3?
    7. What improvements will the netcode have compared to netKar Pro?
    8. If time and money would not be an issue, what feature would you (kunos) like to have in AC?

    I’ll come back if I think of more questions…

  • Portteri

    Will there be a proper 3d Vision support?
    Is there opportunity to use keyboards for inputs? ( In netKar Pro I cannot use my custom made shifter cause it is made by usb-keyboard controller.)

  • Will Assetto Corsa have any electric/hybrid cars in the game such as the Tesla Roadster or the Fisker Karma and if there are any full electric cars included then how would the fueling system work? 

  • Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Since NetKar-Pro never lived up to the
    hype, what steps are you taking to ensure long term
    success for AC, in other words, tell me why should I invest and spend time
    with AC and less time with other top line racing sims.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      Pardon?….netkar is a very good sim, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but none of them are, and considering the low cost and the tiny dev team behind the project, I think your comment is rather ungrateful.

      • ACMilan

        I think GG is being realistic.  NKP never got much traction (pardon the pun) in the racing community due to a poor release and game issues on it’s release.  (And didn’t KS disappear for a time after the game was released to work on the Ferrari sims?)
        Anyway, I will buy the AC to support the KS and the racing sim genre as I bought NKP.
        (personally, I think AC will be a kicker and do well)

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    Will there be any kind of campaign/progression or will this be limited to single multiplayer events only?

  • will support for modders mean plugins or will there be dedicated tools to edit the game ?

  • Merto

    Is there going to be a system that discourages wrecking?

  • General Rush Hour

    Will triple-screens be fully supported? 

    By that i mean rendering every screen independently so everything is in proportion on the side screens. 

  • alisdairb

    Thanks for all the questions, the questions have now been sent of to Kunos Simulazioni :)

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